Unique Ways to Hide The Engagement Ring Before You Pop the Question!

May 28, 2018

Unique Ways to Hide The Engagement Ring Before You Pop the Question!

Few things can be more exciting than proposing to that person you've decided you want to spend the rest of your life with—and of course, you want it to go off without a hitch. No one wants to be fumbling around in their pocket during that special, once-in-a-lifetime moment. Everyone dreams of it going seamlessly and perfectly!

Often, when one thinks of proposing, they think of getting down on one knee and whipping out that signature ring box. Of course, this is a tried and true way to do it, but it's not the ONLY way to do it. That classic ring box can be hard to hide and sometimes cumbersome to work with...

If you're looking for something a little "outside the box" for hiding that engagement ring before you pop the question (pun fully intended!), here are some unique and fun ways to hide that ring!

Outside the Box Alternatives

 Here are some fun props to consider instead of the traditional box!

  • In a shell: A delicate little shell is a fun way to hide that ring! It's sleek and can be easily hidden. It would also be a great idea if you're proposing on the beach!
  • In a frame: We love this idea! Attach the ring to the picture itself or hide it behind the picture. Either way, it's sure to be an intriguing and unique way to propose.
  • In flowers: Who doesn't love flowers? about nestling that perfect engagement ring within the gorgeous flowers (securely, of course!)  and popping the question? She'll never look at flowers the same way again!
  • In a locket: This is such a romantic way to propose. Go find the perfect locket—be sure it has room enough inside to hold the ring—and watch her face beam as she opens it up and finds the ring inside!
  • On Your Fur Baby: O.K. we know this one can get tricky, but if done properly, it's a wonderful way to "hide" that engagement ring and pull off an absolutely unforgettable proposal!

Fasten it to their collar or—if your dog is really well-trained, and we mean really, really well-trained—have them carry the ring in the box (you want the box for this one!) in their mouth and bring it to you on cue when you propose! This sounds like a job for Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer, lol!

  • In Food: Hmmm, potentially another tricky one, but can be a fantastic way to hide the ring! Just remember, don't hide the ring so much so that it ends up being, well, eaten! Make sure it is plain sight! 

With-The-Box Alternatives: Hide It On You or Have an Accomplice!

So, we already know that engagement ring boxes can be bulky, so how can you hide it on your person if your heart is set on this more classic presentation? There is a way to do this if you want to go the more traditional route and have the classic ring box in hand!

Think baggy clothes! Yup, everybody loves their skinny jeans, but skinny jeans and engagement ring boxes don't mix! Go for a loose fitting jacket or a sweatshirt that has roomy pockets. Or stick it in your sock and cover up the area with loose fitting pants. (not skinny jeans!) 

You could also consider putting the ring in a slimmer profile box. They do sell these types of boxes or you can find one on your own.

And for those of you who carry a backpack or some kind of briefcase, a ring box will always fit nicely inside one of these!

Enlisting Family and Friends

Alright, if you are cool with someone being around while you propose, find that trusted family member or friend and have them in the location ready to hand that box to you when you're ready to pop that very important question!

 Hide The Ring At The Location

This doesn't have to be as risky as it sounds. You only want to do this if you're absolutely confident that no one else has access to the location and is going to get to the ring box. You can reserve a private room with a private patio and you can hide it somewhere unique on the patio, e.g. a flower pot or on the arm of a chair. Or maybe you simply hide the ring in your house near where you will proposethe options are endless. But, just be sure of what we said in the beginning:  make sure no one else has access!

Hopefully one of these ways of hiding your engagement ring, with or without the box, will work for you and you will get the YES! 

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Unique Ways to Hide Your Engagement Ring Before You Pop the Question


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