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We Buy Gold


We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds at Mullen Jewelers

Sell your gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in all shapes sizes and colors. It doesn’t matter if the pieces are broken, mismatched, out of style or completely destroyed, they’re worth cash at Mullen Bros. Jewelers.

In the Fall River and Greater Providence area people have been selling their old, unwanted or broken gold to Mullen Bros. Jewelers for cash for decades.  We also buy sterling silver, platinum and diamonds.

We will responsibly recycle your gold and give you a check on the spot. 

Get 150% of the Cash Price as In-Store Credit

As an alternative to cash, we also offer 150% OF THE CASH PRICE for in-store credit. For example $500 in gold would be worth $750 in store credit. Plus your store credit never expires or decreases in value and can be used on repairs and services or any type of jewelry. 

Imagine taking that big knotted pile of gold in the bottom of your jewelry box and turning it into a beautiful piece that you can wear everyday!

The record high prices for gold over the last several years have certainly brought extra attention to a service we have been providing for decades. Long before the mail-in gold envelopes and hotel buying shows we were helping our neighbors turn their unwanted jewelry into cash.

Unfortunately, this 21st century gold rush has brought out a new wave of crooks. Please make sure that you bring your gold to a trustworthy place that will separate out the gold by karat and pay you for diamonds and some colored stones.

Sell Your Diamonds at Mullen Jewelers

We also buy loose or mounted diamonds. If you're interested in selling your diamond please come in and see Bob Jr. or Bob III.  We'll evaluate your diamond and make you an offer. We have a very large selection of estate jewelry, so we will frequently make offers on diamonds where other jewelers will decline. 

Trust is the biggest factor when selling your valuables.  We feel our excellent reputation and 120 years of experience make use the clear choice.  Come by today for a free appraisal of your gold and diamonds.