Custom Jewelry Design

At Mullen Bros. Jewelers, we carry hundreds of different engagement ring styles, from a range of great designers.  But sometimes, no matter how many styles we have, we need to create something from scratch.
That's why we offer Custom Jewelry Design.  We can create your unique vision, or take your existing diamonds or colored stones and work together to custom design a piece of jewelry you'll cherish forever.

Here are some of the most common reasons for choosing custom designed rings:

  • You have family diamonds or colored stones that you'd like to reuse in a new piece of jewelry.

  • You've looked everywhere for a specific style of ring and you can't find it.

  • You love the look of an expensive designer line, but can't afford the branded piece.

  • Your engagement ring doesn't come with a matching wedding band.

There are a few different methods we can utilize to create your custom piece, and we'll need to discuss your specific situation, but in general they are as follows:


Modification is taking an existing design from one of our designers and modifying it to meet your needs.  Perhaps you need a different size of shape of center diamond, or you'd like hand engraving on the outside of the ring.  These types of customizations can often be done by the designer and sometimes will be free of charge. 
These are the easiest type of requests, but also the most common.  If there's ever a detail about a potential ring that you'd like changed, ask, sometimes we can do it!

Computer Aided Design (CAD):

One of the most common methods of custom designing a ring is using computer-aided design, or CAD, for short. 
We have a state of the art program in our store that allows us to sit with you and customize hundreds of different ring styles from our inventory.  We can change the number, size and shape and color of stones in a ring along with hundreds of other alterations.  It's a fun and interactive process that allows us to work together while you custom make the ring of your dreams.
Plus, because we don't have to out-source the designing of your ring, there's no additional cost to you.  You have complete control over the cost of your ring, because you're deciding the quality, size and quantity of diamonds (or colored stones).  We also have the ability to create your ring in 19 different metals, including platinum, palladium, silver and white, yellow, rose or green gold.
This is a great option for customers looking to create a ring with several different sizes or shapes of family diamonds, or customers that want complete control over the ring creation process.  We love to work with you and make your ring absolutely perfect.

Custom from Scratch:

Sometimes a ring design is so unique that we have to start from scratch.  These designs often start as sketches of a piece of paper, which are then built from the ground up.  The two most common methods are wax carving and high level CAD designing. 
These types of designs are often outsourced, because they require a skilled craftsperson to create.  After our initial conversation, these designs usually require a $300 deposit to create. 
From there we review the designs and make any changes necessary.  Once we settle on a design you love, we require a 50% deposit to create your custom design.
We make sure to keep you informed every step of the way.  This is not our most common method of custom design, but it has the potential to create the most unique and special pieces of jewelry you'll ever own.

Bottom Line:

Custom design can sound expensive and intimiating, but I hope we've shown you it doesn't have to be.  If you have any questions about custom designing a ring, please have a chat with me or send an email and we can discuss your options. 
At Mullen Bros., we promise that you'll be informed every step of the way, and you'll never be charged a fee that you haven't agreed to first.  Many of our custom design customers go on to become our biggest fans, I hope you'll become one too!

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