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Customer Testimonials

After 5 generations and over 125 years in business, we've been blessed to have thousands of happy customers, these are a handful of them that were nice enough to write us. With over 700 reviews on Google, we have a 5 star rating.  Thank you all, and know that we appreciate you so much!

May 7th, 2022

Vanessa Calouro

Weary of big box jewelers, we looked for something local and honestly, we couldn’t be any more blessed to have such a lovely and well-staffed establishment in our home town. Amanda and Lynn were great consultants who were able to help us pick out the perfect ring, even with the fact that were were anxious and unsure of what we wanted. It’s a big commitment! But they made it easy to say yes. Amazing prices and financing. I’ll be a customer for life.

May 6th, 2022

Nic Teixeira

After a wonderful first experience, I came back for a second purchase!

All the employees are wonderful and a huge help. I had the pleasure of being assisted by Amanda. Amanda was able to help me pick out wedding bands for my fiancé and I. The service was so top notch I came back 3 days later and purchased earrings to match my future wife's wedding band.


April 19th, 2022


I wear my late Grandmother's now 98 year old engagement ring every day of the week. With the exception of one minor repair to the band many years ago, the ring has suffered no damage until several weeks ago when one of the prongs on the setting lifted and the diamond was lost. While I was sad about the stone, I counted myself very fortunate to not have lost the entire ring. Prior to that, during all the putting on and taking off of masks these past couple of years, I lost one of the diamond earrings from a pair my Husband had given me as a gift. BUT! I took both the ring and the remaining earring over to Mullen Brothers to see if perhaps they could set the stone from the earring into the ring. Needless to say, my Grandmother's ring is back on my finger and it is GORGEOUS! The jeweler did an amazing job and my Grandmother would be over the moon with how her ring looks now. So...What was already an incredibly sentimental piece of jewelry has become even more so as I have a wonderful gift from both my Husband and my Grandmother in the form of this amazingly gorgeous revitalized ring. I extend my most sincere gratitude to Mullen Brothers for the wonderful service and my beautiful ring!

March 11, 2022

Jennifer Pereira 

Absolutely the best! Super friendly, patient, knowledgeable. Forget those chain places. This is a family-run, neighborhood jeweler that can answer all of your questions and help with anything, from wedding bands to changing watch batteries. Cannot recommend enough!

August 11th, 2021

Roberto Font 

I am an extremely satisfied customer. Lynn Conos exemplified what classic customer service is. My wedding band had to be enlarged and was told it would take 2 weeks. Surprisingly it took 4 days. WOW! Lynn meticulously measured my ring finger several times to ensure proper fitting. When
I picked up the ring, Mullen Jewellers was able to do the final tweaking in-store. I was quite pleased.
What a positive experience! Thank you!

May 2020

Cara Messina 

My partner and I just got engaged (YAY!). I went to Mullen Bros with my grandma's engagement + wedding ring to get them resized, cleaned, and all together fixed up. My fiancé and I also chose his engagement/wedding band. Sue, the jeweler, did a PHENOMENAL job with my grandma's rings and they inscribed my fiancé's ring. The other jewelers were always so helpful and personal (I called them like 50 times through the whole process). The price was also much better than I anticipated. Thanks, Mullen Bros, for a wonderful experience and rings that will last our lifetime (and beyond).

February 16th, 2017

Tom Moore

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Debbie S. for assisting me with the purchase of a ring for my wife’s 50th birthday. I found Debbie to be very pleasant and attentive, yet gave me the space in needed to browse. But here is the best part, as we were wrapping the sale, she asked if I wanted the ring wrapped. Naturally, I said yes and then casually threw in the following into the conversation: “Do you think you could wrap another I just bought my wife; I’ve got it out in the car?” Debbie graciously agreed. A simple gesture like that made a good shopping experience into a GREAT shopping experience. Thank you so much Debbie. I really appreciate it.

December 11th, 2016

Shelley O. from Indianapolis, IN

My credit card was cloned and a fraudulent order was placed to Mullen Jewelers. Bob Mullen worked harder than my bank to ensure a credit was issued.

This was incredibly important b/c it's Christmas & I had over 6K in charges that my bank (Huntington) processed & would investigate & refund w/in 30-90 days.

Mr. Mullen's commitment to follow thru personally w/ my bank shows the integrity of his company & his dedication to not just customers, but to everyone.

There aren't a lot of people especially on the Internet where you have trust & a personal connection. Sure, I wish I was endorsing a beautiful big diamond (lol), but I think what I'm saying @ this company just makes any purchase that much more special.

Thank you Mr. Mullens!!
Shelley O'Hara

December 8th, 2016

Jeff Parker from Fall River, MA

Bob III was as good as it could possibly get in both a jeweler as well as a confidant. I truly, highly recommend Mullen Bros. Jewelers to anyone who is ready to take this next step in their life. Bob III was able to source for me a new style ring that was not available in a sample to see and was also instrumental in my engagement. He worked around my schedule in the planning (which took the course of a year), and was more than happy to return all my emails in secret whether he was at work or not. Top level service! Hi team was always engaged in my personal life down to running into a team member at Comicon and talking about the convention. The two of us had a hilarious exchange in secret while my now fiance was busy looking at other things at the convention! Two of my friends have already purchased rings from him due to my recommendation, so there is a true level of consistency. No hard sell, just straight help and kindness.

December 7th, 2016

Carlos V. from New Bedford, MA

I highly reccomened Mullen Bros Jewelers. Purchasing an engagement ring can be stressful. After shopping around I went in and seen Bob III he was super helpful in every aspect of purchasing the ring. He was very informative and patient with me. I never felt like he was trying to force the sale he made sure i was happy with my decision before making the purchase. My fiancé loves her ring and we recently visited to buy our wedding bands and were welcomed by then staff by our first names. When you go to Mullen you get honest and top notch service. Make sure you go in for any of your jewelry needs!

September 19th, 2016

Linsey Arruda from Fall River, MA

GREAT SERVICE !!! The staff on site are extremely Amazing!! Recently got engaged and can't believe how beautiful my ring is ! Went to the jewelry store to get it resize & it was finished within a day ! Thank you Mullen Bros. & I will be back for more amazing service !

August 20th, 2016

Mari Carrion from Seekonk, MA

My diamond in my engagement ring has been passed down from generations. I moved to CT 8 years ago and when my husband proposed with this ring, it was in need of a new setting. I went to a reputable place in CT and it ended up being a huge mistake. Growing up in MA, I knew that Mullen Brothers delivered exceptional satisfaction. Today I received an amazing new setting for my diamond. Not only was the service outstanding, but their in house master goldsmith and jewelry designer handled my diamond with the utmost care and her precision was impeccable. Traveling to MA was 110% worth it and from now on we will only do our jewelry purchases with Mullen Brothers. They are the only jeweler to be trusted!!


July 9th, 2016

Katie N. from Providence, RI

I was really happy with the experience my husband and I had with Mullen when we got my engagement and our wedding bands.

My (now) husband proposed with a place-holder ring so we could design and set my three heirloom diamonds in my engagement ring. I really wanted a jeweler who had an on-site gold smith to set the diamonds in house, and we wanted to custom-make my husband's wedding band.  I searched out a few options near PVD, but Mullen Brother's stood-out.

The staff was very knowledgable, and were able to help us navigate our options as I designed my ring. My diamonds never left the building, and the store worked hard to make sure we had the highest-quality setting. The on-site goldsmith was able to create a beautiful band for my husband, too, using gold from inherited rings.

In the end, we're totally in love with our jewelry, and will happily return to Mullen for our future jewelry needs.


May 9th, 2016

Andrew W. from Providence, RI

I searched for months to find the right jeweler for my wife's engagement ring. Mullen Bros. was not only extremely knowledgeable, but they were beyond patient showing and explaining to me the different types of diamonds, settings, etc. I built an incredible ring that was significantly better than I thought I could ever afford. My wife and I went back for our wedding bands and I've been back multiple times for other gifts. I've recommended numerous friends and family to here with similar reviews. I'll never go anywhere else for jewelry. They simply have an incredible family business whose staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating.

October 6th, 2015

Deb G. from Fall River, MA

Had an amazing shopping experience here at Mullens. Lynn was a sheer delight and most accommodating. They just got a new customer!


August 20th, 2015

Debbie H. from Swansea, MA:

Thank you Mullens for fixing my wedding bands, Free of charge no less, now I can wear them to my daughters wedding this weekend! You guys rock!

June 5th, 2015

Michael Cahill from Fall River, MA:

Awesome. I bought my engagement ring here. Bobby knows his stuff and they do give you the best price for the best quality diamond. You can tell they care. And a bottle of champagne nice touch. Thank you MB Swansea.

April 25th, 2015

Kate B. from Providence, RI:

Had a great experience here yesterday with Bob, Christine and the rest of the staff! My fiancé proposed to me with a place holder ring and I went in by myself after to see what my options were. They were great, Christine & Bob took a lot of time with me, answered all my many questions. I went in not even sure I wanted a real diamond engagement ring, neither of them made me feel judged or pressured about that.

I came back that evening with my fiancé, Bob spent about 2 hours with us. He is great, very knowledgeable and gives great  advice without being pushy. By the end of the 2 hours, we had a crash course on diamonds and ended up choosing a beautiful diamond and setting to make a gorgeous ring for an excellent price! Can't wait to pick it up on about 2-3 wks! Will update when I receive it but I'm sure I will be very happy.
UPDATE 5-23-2015
Picked up my ring this week and am VERY happy with it. Everyone was great- Bob Sr. , Bob Jr. And the rest of the staff are very nice. I had an idea of what I wanted and they had it designed to EXACTLY what I was hoping it would be. It's perfect. I will definitely be back for some more jewelry-their cases are filled with just gorgeous things!

March 24th, 2015

Michael Laliberte from Swansea, MA:

So, I am relatively new to the Somerset/Swansea area. I say this because I did not know where I should go and who I could trust in doing a repair to my Fiance's engagement ring. This was a simple case of a prong needing repair. Sue was the jeweler that was on and she was great! She took the time to speak with me about why the prong needed repairing, things to look out for in the future and, of course, that they were available to assist me in the future. That was such a pleasant and reassuring visit with them that I would go there again in a heart beat! Great local Jeweler and trustworthy!

March 20th, 2015

Pat Neuburg from Somerville, MA:

I went here to buy an engagement ring, and had very little idea of what to do or expect.  Bob helped me the whole way.  He asked me questions about what I thought my fiancee would like, and started showing me different categories of rings, helping me focus on a particular category.  I was very comfortable with the final decision, and never felt pressured during the entire process.  My fiancee tells me constantly it's the perfect ring for her, and Mullen Brothers is to thank.  I will absolutely come here the next time I need something special.

September 29th, 2014

Marc Capaldi from Bristol, RI:

I wanted an heirloom quality religious medal for my daughter. Their staff helped me order a high quality piece of jewelry and got the right chain that my kid can grow into. Also they custom engraved it for me. Their attention to detail, courteous staff, and ease of transaction was enjoyable.

July 11th, 2014

Jacob Butterworth from Warren, RI:

I am writing to comment on the great experience I had at Mullen Brothers Jewelers. I was a first time customer with them and truly appreciated the one on one help they provided me with and also that they are a family owned/operated business. I will be using them in the future as well as recommending them. Thank you!

April 13th, 2014

Gail Baker from Raynham, MA:

I was looking for a nice jewelry store that would give you a fair price for a diamond ring that I didn't want. The reviews I found led me to believe that Mullen Bros was the right place to go. Bob Mullen III waited on my guy and I. He explained the process and was very fair with the negotiations. I now have a beautiful diamond engagement ring that I love. I will definitely go to Mullen Bros again for all of my jewelry purchases and needs. Thank you Bob

April 8th, 2014

Jessica Sanchez from Seekonk, MA:

I absolutely LOVE the engagement ring my fiance purchased from you! He was able to create a custom ring that fits my personality and includes my favorite color and it would not have been possible without you. He told me that we you all were working in a time crunch and were able to get the ring to him in time for him to propose while we were on vacation with our son. It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and I am so happy to be able to wear it every day!!! Thank you