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Services at Mullen Jewelers


Where our customers put all their jewelry needs in the hands of masters.

Discovering the right jewelry product at the right price is just the beginning of what to expect from Mullen Bros. Jewelers. Here, our customers trust us, as members of the Registered Jewelers Organization (RJO), to take care of all their jewelry needs beyond the purchase of a beautiful piece. We offer unparalleled, expert services from restyling, on-site jewelry repair and even purchasing customers’ own precious metal and diamond jewelry pieces to hand selecting a diamond for them in Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world.

We buy gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in all shapes sizes and colors. It doesn’t matter if the pieces are broken, mismatched, out of style or completely destroyed; they’re worth cash at Mullen Bros Jewelers.

We perform written appraisals on-site appropriate for insurance replacement coverage. Each appraisal comes with a detailed description and a digital picture of the piece of jewelry.

Have something unique in mind but can’t find it anywhere? We’re happy to assist you through the process of designing a completely new piece. We’ll ensure the durability of the design as well as the beauty.

If an item in your jewelry box has gone out of style or you simply want to try something new, bring it to us. We’ll work with your specifications to create something fresh and exciting.

Our goldsmith, Rachel Machado, has years of experience, mastering in all aspect of jewelry repair. We can repair rings, earrings, pendants, chains, pins and most other jewelry pieces right in our store. We also repair some costume jewelry.

Watch battery replacements are done on the premises, and if a repair is needed on your watch we can send it out to our industry watch experts. 

Mullen Bros. Jewelers will custom-string your necklaces or bracelets and will always clean your jewelry before restringing. This can be done in a many different styles and we’re glad to work with you to create the perfect style for you.

We offer computerized wish lists and bridal registries to all of our customers. To start a wish list, simply come by, grab a sales professional and start trying on jewelry. We’ll help you select your favorite pieces and get them loaded into our computer for your sweetheart to choose from later. Whether you want to make sure friends and family know what you’ve been hoping for or you’d just like to keep track of your desires personally, we’re here to help. All the information about our Wish Lists can be found here.

Our in-store laser engraver will gladly engrave and personalize any jewelry piece. This service is performed by hand or machine, depending on the piece. We have full engraving services including inside ring engraving, money clips, key chains, picture frames, watches, etc.