Top Wedding Band Trends 2022

June 09, 2021

Top Wedding Band Trends 2022

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Finding the Perfect Band + 2022 Wedding Band Trends

March is wedding band month here at Mullen's & if there is anything we love, it is helping our clients find their dream rings to last a lifetime. If you're having trouble finding what you want, we collected a list of the top wedding band trends of the year to help you find the perfect match for your engagement ring style, personality & taste. And better yet, from march 24th-26th, get a FREE titanium mens band with your purchase of a diamond wedding band valued at $799 or more. SO.. here we go!✨

For the Ladies...

Finding the perfect wedding band to match your engagement ring is important, but you also want it to match your personality. A big trend within the last year has been dainty engagement rings. They are the perfect opportunity to keep it simple with a thin diamond band, or a chunkier piece that adds the bling.
We truly have something that will go with every style. From super simple to lots of bling- all of these would go with the dainty, simple engagement ring you love.  

Wedding Ring - 14K Traditional White Gold Wedding Band #896B
Sold out

Sold out

Wedding Ring - 14K White Gold 1.50cttw Bead Set 15-Stone Diamond Band With Milgrain Edging
Sold out

Wanting something a little more unique? A vintage look is one of the top trends for 2022.

Sold out

WEDDING - 8mm Wide Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band With Wood Grain Inlay
Sold out

A big trend for 2022 is BLACK bands. They're super sleek looking & really stand out while also going with everything.

Sold out

Custom 7mm Black Zirconium Triforce Band
Sold out

Want something classic? Like the titanium look?

From March 24th-26th, get a FREE titanium wedding band with your purchase of a diamond wedding band valued at $799 or more. And if you're loving the trends we featured better, no problem! Take $150 off your purchase of your band.

We cannot wait to help you find the perfect band for you! Come on in or schedule a meeting with one of our amazing sales staff virtually to find your dream band or create the one of your dreams.

Written By: Grace Kimmell

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