Timely Fashion: Wearing Watches with Style

August 25, 2016

Timely Fashion Wearing Watches with Style

Everybody loves a good arm party, but there's a certain guest who often feels uninvited: watches! Stacks and stacks of bangles, diamond bracelets, and cuffs can be found on arms everywhere, but a stylish watch is becoming rarer and rarer these days.

With their great utility and beauty,  watches are a great addition to your jewelry collection. Worn with bracelets or alone, they always look sharp!

Check these sizzling selections out!

Watches for Her

Modern Movado: Ahead of Its Time

Movado watches have a rich history. The Movado Museum Watch's roots go all the way back to the beginnings of the modern design movement and the Bauhaus School in 1919. It's stunning signature expression is the black watch dial with a single gold dot, designed by American artist Nathan George Horwitt in 1947.  In 1960, Horwitt’s dial design was chosen for the permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art becoming the first watch dial to win this honor and hence the name “Museum Watch."

Wearing a Movado watch on your wrist is truly like wearing a piece of art! Here are a few gorgeous pieces... (click on picture for product info)

Timely Fashion Movado Watch Timely Fashion Movado Watch  Timely Fashion Movado Watch


Stunning Michael Kors

The name Michael Kors is synonymous with style and his watches are no exception. Classic to cutting-edge, there is surely an MK watch you'll love to have on your wrist!

Timely Fashion Michael Kors Watch Timely Fashion Michael Kors Timely Fashion Michael Kors

Classic Citizen

Perhaps one of the most well-known brands, Citizen watches are the epitome of classic styling and sophistication. With numerous styles to choose from, Citizen is a time-honored favorite watch.

  Timely Fashion Citizen Watches Timely Fashion Timely Fashion Citizen Watch


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Timely Fashion Wearing Watches with Style

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