Wedding Jewelry: What You Should Know

September 11, 2015

Your big day is right around the corner and you're going through your wedding checklist to make sure everything is in order —good for you! While planning for your wedding is an exciting time, it takes careful planning to make sure all the details are covered...and there are lots of details leading up to the big day!

Just don't forget one very important detail: wedding day jewelry!

You may be thinking, "But I have the rings!" Of course!  But don't forget the other jewelry to go along with that perfect dress, veil, and shoes you've picked out.

Brides often spend a lot of time picking out their engagement and wedding rings, but leave the wedding day jewelry to the last minute. Then, unfortunately, they're not able to find the "just right" pair of earrings, bracelet, or necklace to go with their beautiful dress.

Don't let that be you! Bridal jewelry is the finishing touch to your ensemble and you want to make it incredible, not an afterthought. Here are a few suggestion to help you pick the perfect jewels for your special day!

Complement Your Dress: Let your bridal jewelry enhance and complement your dress and overall look.  I believe in brides personalizing their look, and jewelry is a perfect way to do that, but let the jewelry work with your gown, not against it. If your gown is elaborate, opt for simpler jewelry. If your dress is simpler, your bridal jewels can make more of a statement.


Remember, you can always bring your dress into the store, try it on, and see how your jewelry works with the dress.  How much fun is that?


Bring your headpiece when trying on earrings: If you're planning on wearing a headpiece, make sure you bring it with you when it's time to pick out your jewelry, especially earrings. This way you can tell if the proportion of the earrings match your headpiece and if they complement one another, not compete with each other.

Be colorful: Brides often believe they're relegated to stately pearls and classic diamonds when it comes to picking out wedding jewelry. But if your heart is set on wearing your mother's gorgeous sapphire necklace, then go for it! If your wedding color scheme has some bold colors in it, don't be afraid to incorporate similar colors into your bridal look. It's your day!

Bracelet Alert:If you're looking to choose a bracelet to go with your dress, make sure it is free of sharp points or edges so you don't snag your dress! That could certainly put a damper on your day.

Don't stress about not having a "Something Old": A lot of brides struggle to find that perfect "something old" piece. If there's no vintage jewelry available in your family, it can be difficult to find something old to incorporate into your look. We have hundreds of unique estate jewelry pieces in our estate case, and almost certainly something that will compliment your style perfectly.   

Give yourself time:  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to pick out the right bridal jewelry! Give yourself at least three months before the wedding. You have so many different things to check-off your wedding to-do list, make sure you put you first and remove that stress early in your planning. It also gives you time to make changes if you need to.

We're honored that Mullen Bros. Jewelers ranks #1 in overall customer ratings among all jewelry stores in Southeastern Massachusetts and we will continue to take care of our neighbors and friends, one jewel at a time.

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