What is a Promise Ring?

November 10, 2017

What is a Promise Ring?

So, the holidays are around the corner and there are lots of amazing times to be had: Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties, holiday celebrations with family and friends--it's a perfect time to be together and celebrate. It's also a perfect time to celebrate your significant other.

Perhaps you are thinking that you would like to make a greater commitment to your partner this holiday season. You realize this is more than just dating and you want to surprise them with a very special token of commitment.

Maybe you should get a promise ring? But perhaps you're a little unclear about what a promise ring is or what a promise ring even really means.

What is Promise Ring?

So, what exactly is a promise ring? There can be a lot of confusion around a promise ring, but there doesn't need to be.

A promise ring is usually given when two people want to make a more serious commitment to one another. Ultimately, a promise ring's meaning is highly subjective and personal, but they generally represent love and commitment.

Let's dig a little deeper into the meanings behind a promise ring and look into the history behind them as well.

Start with the Name: PROMISE Ring

Promise rings usually mean that a promise is being made, but that promise is going to be different for every couple or occasion.

Promise rings often symbolize a partner's love and commitment to the other partner and  the relationship itself. Sometimes, the ring represents the fact that an engagement ring will follow, but that is not always the case.

A promise ring is the perfect physical symbol to show that there is more than just casual dating happening. There appears to be a rise in the popularity of promise rings as couples may be deciding to marry later or take a non-traditional path all together. It's really up to YOU what the promise ring is going to mean!

Promise rings are generally a more modest ring in design and price, but not always! If there is an engagement ring coming sometime in the future, it is usually, although not always, a less expensive ring.

While the center stone in a promise ring will often be smaller than an engagement ring, many promise rings have no center stone at all. Promise rings can really be any style you want: a simple diamond solitaire, a simple metal band, a colored gemstone, a multi-gemstone ring, a pearl ring, anything goes—it's all about what speaks to you and what you feel is right!

Which Finger Do You Wear the Promise Ring On? 

Promise rings which are meant as pre-engagement rings are usually worn on the third finger of the left hand —the traditional location for the engagement ring. The promise ring can simply be replaced by the engagement ring and then the wedding ring, or you can stack the promise ring along with your engagment ring and wedding band. Remember—no rules! Do what you like!

If the promise ring is not a precursor to an engagement ring, it is often worn on a finger of the right hand to prevent any confusion about the meaning of the promise ring.

And, some wear a promise ring on the right-hand ring finger so no one thinks that the couple is already engaged.

Origins of The Promise Ring

It is believed that the promise ring had its origins back thousands of years ago.  Back then couples were betrothed rather than engaged, which was a legally binding ceremony.  In betrothal, the couple were promised to each other and would eventually marry.

The future groom would give his bride-to-be a ring to show his commitment to her. This is believed to have been the first type of promise ring!

Other Meanings for Promise Rings

Promise rings are also used for other occasions as well. They may be given by a parent to a child meaning “I’ll love you forever.”

Or, promise rings can also be known as purity rings, and represent a pledge of abstinence. There are many other reasons for a promise ring.  They can be worn as a commitment to faith, to a goal, or a pledge to break a bad habit.

If you're thinking about buying a promise ring for someone special, remember...go with what you love and pick with your heart and your eyes. This is your personal choice. Really anything goes when it comes to promise rings...there's no right or wrong way to take the next step and deepen your commitment to one another. Be creative, think outside the box, and have fun with it!

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What is a Promise Ring?


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