Vendor Spotlight: Lashbrook

October 27, 2017

Vendor Spotlight: Lashbrook

We hope you have been enjoying our Vendor Spotlight Series. Last month we featured Ti Sento-Milano. If you are a fan of silver jewelry, then you will love them. Check out all their beautiful jewelry pieces here.

This month we are proud to present Lashbrook. This award-winning company is known for some of the most amazing wedding bands you will ever see. Their mission is: Rings with meaning. Rings that tell a story. Rings that make a difference.  

They have one of the largest and most customizable selection of wedding rings in the industry. Various types of metal plus baseball-themed, customized writing, tire treads, fishing hooks...pretty much anything you can think of, Lashbrook can do it! 

In fact, any band of theirs that you see can be customized for any width, finger size, metal type or finish! So this means if you see the perfect band in titanium with a carbon fiber strip, but would prefer the same ring in white gold with meteorite, then that's what you'll get!

And here is an incredible bonus: Every Lashbrook ring is made in the USA, most of which have lifetime guarantees.

Here's a little background about this great company!

Lashbrook History

Founded in 2000, Lashbrook was founded by Erik Laker. He named his company after his great, great grandfather, Lashbrook, who was born in 1835 and emigrated to Utah when he was 15.

Erik wanted to honor the pioneering spirit of his grandfather and have it reflected in his company and his work. The fearlessness of his ancestors inspires him and his company to strive for nothing less than the best and to continue to create and be innovative. This drive has now translated to tens of thousands of styles produced from scratch in their cutting-edge facility.

Lashbrook has an amazing team of over 80 technicians, artists, customer service, and marketing specialists to help them drive their mission and vision of innovation and "a story behind every ring."

They practice "lean" manufacturing—lean manufacturing is based on the principles of waste reduction, high quality control standards, and constant improvement. This practice allows them to stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

Metal Choices

Since most any of the ring styles you see in Lashbrook's inventory can be customized with whichever metal you like, Lashbrook offers a wide range of metals to choose from to help you get the perfect ring!

Here's some info about their metal options...

Black Zirconium

 Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

With the highest design versatility of any performance metal, black zirconium is perfect for jewelry because it creates a lustrous black layer after it has been heat treated. It makes the ring very scratch resistant and allows for amazing two-toned styles.

Carbon Fiber

Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

Using structural, solid Carbon Fiber, Lashbrook creates wedding bands with one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any product ever created. Did you know this material is used in applications ranging from Formula 1 racing to the aerospace industry? It is an incredible material! 


Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

Ceramic and tungsten together create a sharp two-toned look with the ultimate resistance to scratching.


Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

Yes, you read that correctly...Lashbrook has camo wedding bands! There are 35 camo patterns to choose from for your ring. Camo inlays can be placed in any of their metals, in mostly any style and finish!


Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

Lashbrook offers a wide variety of diamond wedding bands—flush, bezel, channel, bead, and tension set—in a variety of metals. Diamonds are classic and never go out of style. 

Cobalt Chrome

Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

Cobalt Chrome, a bright white metal, is a gorgeous hypoallergenic metal. It's also a sturdy metal and will hold up nicely to everyday wear and tear. 

Damascus Steel

Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

Damascus Steel is a truly a one-of-a-kind metal: it is a striking blend of up to 120 layers of two different types of stainless steel. This ancient metalworking technique makes a truly unique ring with no two rings alike.


Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

Yes, that's meteorite as in an exploded star! Lashbrook uses authentic Gibeon Meteorite from Namibia, Africa. Gibeon meteorites come from broken asteroid fragments and hold a special classification as a fine octahedrite, due to the distinctive crystalline structure visible on the surface of the metal called Widmanstatten lines. It is truly an out-of-this-world ring! 


Mokume Gane 

Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

Mokume Gane is another ancient metalworking process that creates striking and unique swirled patterns. Mokume Gane uses precious metals to create this effect. “Mokume Gane” is Japanese for “wood grain,” as it tends to mimic patterns in nature, particularly wood grain! 


Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook


Lashbrook uses the top-of-the-line titanium in their wedding bands: aerospace grade Ti6Al-4V titanium. This grade is more than twice as strong and twice as hard as typical commercial Titanium rings. If you are looking for light weight and heavy strength, titanium is the pick for you!

Lashbrook really is the company for the guy who is looking for the perfect, unique, and customizable wedding band. 

We're honored that Mullen Bros. Jewelers ranks #1 in overall customer ratings among all jewelry stores in Southeastern Massachusetts and we will continue to take care of our neighbors and friends, one jewel at a time.

Vendor Spotlight Lashbrook

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