What Do You Do When You Lose a $2 Million Diamond Engagement Ring?

April 17, 2018

What Do You Do When You Lose a $2 Million Diamond Engagement Ring?

Panic? Scream? Cry? All of the above?!?

One could only imagine that Paris Hilton did one, some, or all of the above when her $2 million engagement ring flew off her finger while dancing at a night club in Miami! YIKES!

Paris Hilton's Giant Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement RingPhoto Source: Paris Hilton/Instagram

Hilton was quoted as saying...

“It was literally one of the scariest moments of my life. I was devastated! I thought there was no way we were going to be able to find it with all of those people [in the venue].

Paris Hilton's Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Pari's pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is reportedly worth a staggering $2 million.
  • It is a platinum, split-shank ring with a halo around the center stone.
  • The center stone is slightly over 20 carats.
  • The stones around the ring are just under 2 carats.
  • Her fiance, Chris Zylka, picked this ring after noticing Hilton's deep love for her mother's pear-shaped diamond.
  • Paris has reportedly upped her security in order to protect this new addition to her life.
  • Zylka asked Paris' father for her hand in marriage after the ring was finsihed!
    Source: The List

Wow! What a story and what a ring! What is the moral of the story? A few things pop to mind...

  1. Make sure your ring is properly fitted and sized!
  2. Have insurance!
  3. Dance less vigorously? 

Obviously, we're kidding about the last one! We are relieved and happy for Paris that her cherished ring was safely found. We know the heartbreak that comes with losing your engagement ring.

Now, in the spirit of million dollar engagement rings, we wanted to share a few of our favorite engagement rings that look like they cost a million dollars but actually don't! 

Diamond Engagement Rings That Look Like They Cost A Million Dollars But Don't!

Diamond Engagement Rings that Look Like they Cost a Million Dollars!

We love this stunning 14K white gold vintage inspired double halo emerald cut diamond engagement ring. The star of the show is a 1ct emerald cut center diamond set surrounded by a pave set double halo, total carat weight is 1.71! There is something about an emerald cut ring that just says class and elegance!- $5999

Diamond Engagement Rings that Look Like They Cost a Million Dollars But Don't!


Doesn't this ring take your breath away? This vintage halo 3-stone diamond engagement ring with trapezoid side diamonds has an engraved shank and filigree metal work. It looks like a million bucks but doesn't cost it--2.35cttw!-$11,600

Diamond Engagement Rings that Look Like They Cost a Million Bucks But They Don't!

This jaw-dropping beauty features a 2ct round center diamond set in 14K white gold and has! The shank has a slight taper and angled outer rows of bead set round diamonds with a milgrain detail!-$9999 

Diamond Engagement Rings that Look Like a Million Bucks But Don't Cost It!

This 18K white gold tapered channel diamond engagement ring will mesmerize you with its 1.5ct round center diamond and a stunningly large round floral halo. This ring features 2.33cttw of round diamonds with a substantial diamond shank of channel set round diamonds accented by bead set outer diamond rows. Definitely looks like a million bucks!-$6999

Diamond Engagement Rings that Look Like They Cost a Million Dollars But Don't!

This handmade piece of art is an award winning 14k white gold luxury 1.66cttw freeform diamond engagement ring designed by Mark Schneider. Its unique twisting and flowing angular split shank setting is truly a work of art!-$8999

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What Do You Do When You Lose a $2 Diamond Engagement Ring?

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