It's Time to Shine in Yellow and White Gold!

April 10, 2018

It's Time to Shine in Yellow and White Gold!

Gold has captivated us for a LONG time! The Incas referred to gold as the "tears of the Sun." Homer, in the "Iliad" and "Odyssey,"  spoke of  gold as the glory of the immortals and a sign of wealth among ordinary humans. And James Marshall in 1848 saw something shiny in Sutter Creek in California—this shiny object turned out to be a gold nugget which created a historic mile marker in our American history, the Gold Rush!

Needless to say, everyone pretty much LOVES gold. And we do, too, here at Mullen Bros. Jewelers. Whether yellow, white, or rose, gold of any color looks beautiful in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings...the whole jewelry gamut!

We also love two-tone gold jewelry. And Allison-Kaufman jewelry has mastered combining the different colors of gold metal creating small masterpieces for you to wear and enjoy for years to come!

Allison-Kaufman is one of the oldest and most respected diamond jewelry artisans in the  United States. Since 1920, Allison-Kaufman has earned a reputation for meticulous and incredible craftsmanship—their jewelry speaks for itself! Their long-standing tradition of excellence is imbued into every piece they create and you will LOVE it!

Here are some of our favorite Allison-Kaufman yellow and white gold beauties...

Allison Kaufman Yellow and White Gold Jewelry

We love this contemporary AK 14K yellow and white gold brushed diamond leaf necklace--gorgeous and slightly whimsical!

Alison Kauffman Yellow and White Gold Jewelry

Check out the sleek design of these AK earrings plus necklace! The 3 graduated pear shaped design creates a high impact look!  

 Alison Kauffman Two Tone Jewelry  Alison Kauffman White and Yellow Gold Jewelry

How about this stunning diamond ring? The infinity style crossed band features a 14K white gold band with bead set round diamonds and is accented by a 14K yellow gold band with a high polished finish. You will love this ring to infinity and beyond! 

Alison Kauffman Yellow and White Gold Ring

And once your eyes lock on to these interlocking beauties, you will never want to stop staring!

Alison Kauffman Two Tone Jewelry Alison Kaufman Two Tone Jewelry Alison Kaufman Two Tone Jewelry

This is just a taste of Alison Kaufmann's amazing sure to check them all out here!  

 We're honored that Mullen Bros. Jewelers ranks #1 in overall customer ratings among all jewelry stores in Southeastern Massachusetts and we will continue to take care of our neighbors and friends, one jewel at a time.

It's Time to Shine in Yellow and White Gold

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