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The Necklace that Stole the Show at the 2017 Emmys

September 29, 2017

The Necklace that Stole the Show at the 2017 Emmys

We recently wrote about the 2017 Video Music Awards and how diamonds stole the show! Diamonds were seen everywhere and dripping from most of the stars there—who can forget Nicki Minaj's incredible diamond choker or Pink's spiky diamond ear cuff? The celebrities shone brightly in their jewels that night and the jewelry did not disappoint!

So when it came time for the 2017 Emmys, expectations were high for another night of jaw-dropping glamour, and the evening turned out to be a jewelry goldmine! (← See what we did there?)

Celebrities were once again dressed up and ready to sparkle on the red carpet. Many different jewelry looks and gems were spotted on the red carpet including cool earring styles, more diamond chokers, and emeralds to name just a few!  All the stars looked glamorous and ready for the night. Check out a few of the amazing looks here!

The "Look" that Stole the Show

There did, however, seem to be a standout that night which is hard to do in this uber-styled and pampered crowd. While all the ladies looked impeccable and dressed to impress, Jane Fonda—rather her three-piece jewelry set, including a $1.75 million necklace— seismically rocked the red carpet and garnered praise all across the internet.

And let's not forget...she is 79! That is a feat in itself, to hold your own in a crowd of much younger celebs. Yes, there's no denying it helps to have all the things that go along with celebrity status no matter what your age to pull off a show-stopping look, but Jane managed to not only hold her own, but really create a buzz with what she was wearing that night.

So, what exactly did she wear to steal the show?

The 79-year-old style icon started with a custom hot pink Brandon Maxwell dress to be the bright and hard-to-miss backdrop for what turned out to be the jewelry super stars of the night: multi-million dollar, custom-made jewelry composed of carats and carats of diamonds and mesmerizing emeralds.

The show came to an absolutely screeching halt when she hit the red carpet in this undeniably gorgeous hand-made three-piece jewelry set from an Italian jewelry company Gismondi 1754— the set was from their “Rugiada” (translation: “Dew”) collection.

This over-the-top collection featured a $1.75 million diamond and emerald necklace, that's 82 carats of emeralds and approximately 70 + carats of diamonds to be, matching earrings (20.96 carats of diamonds and 21.6 carats of emeralds worth $450,000), and a ring worth $276,00.00 (with 10 carats of emeralds and 1.95 carats of diamonds). That's a lot of carats! Jane Fonda could change her name to the Carat Queen!

While this set is amazing in and of itself, it is what she did with it that truly amped it up to the next level, really what she did with the necklaceshe wore it backwards. Yes, backwards! See the incredible look here!

That's right, the gorgeous gargantuan gems—particularly the emeralds, they were enormous—draped down her bare back!  Of course, Jane Fonda has never been known to be conventional or shy away from anything controversial. She is not a wallflower and apparently will never be one.

This stunning piece of jeweled art was originally created to be worn in the front like you traditionally would wear a necklace. But Jane's stylist had other ideas. Evidently she's not too conventional either. Small adjustments were made so it could drape down Fonda's back as envisioned by her stylist. Ah, to have a stylist and live the celebrity's life!

Evidently it took 600 hours and 10 artisans to create these unforgettable pieces of jewelry! Undeniably this was no small feat of artisanship and craftsmanship.

And, for added drama, the jewelry was still in Italy the day BEFORE the Emmys. It flew to the USA only after it received final approval!

The legendary actress reported that she was extremely proud to wear these brilliant handmade pieces from Genoa, where her ancestors come from!

Our Favorite Necklaces For a Night Out

So, you've probably guessed by now that the necklace in the image is NOT the diamond and emerald necklace we have been talking about.  And you are right! The one in the picture is one of our new favorite necklaces here at Mullen Bros. Jewelry that we think is pretty show-stopping. It's a beautiful morganite and diamond halo necklace featuring a stunning 2.07ct round morganite, accented by a pave set diamond halo. Morganite is extremely popular right now and we LOVE it! 

Rose gold morganite and diamond halo necklace

And here are a few of our other favorite necklaces for enjoying a fancy or even a casual evening on the town.  After all, not all of us have a stylist, right?

Rose gold amethyst and CZ halo necklace

Pave Diamond Necklace

Gold Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Style Necklace

Yellow and White Gold Brushed Diamond Leaf Necklace

Diamond and London Blue Topaz Freeform Necklace



We're honored that Mullen Bros. Jewelers ranks #1 in overall customer ratings among all jewelry stores in Southeastern Massachusetts and we will continue to take care of our neighbors and friends, one jewel at a time.

The Necklace that Stole the Show at the Emmys

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