Celebrating the Cushion Cut Diamond

October 06, 2017

Celebrating the Cushion Cut Diamond

As we continue our look at diamonds, the cushion cut diamond is up next.

This popular cut, once referred to as an old mine cut, is a combination of a square cut diamond with rounded corners. It looks a lot like a pillow or cushion-- this is where it gets its name!

This classic cut has been around for a while, almost 200 years in fact! It was the most popular diamond shape for the first century of its existence and remains popular today.

The cushion cut will appeal to those who are going for an antique or vintage vibe! They have a very romantic feel to them. As an antique romantic cut, the cushion’s large open facets will show off color and clarity. A cushion cut diamond looks great as a solitaire or within a halo.

The standards for cushion cut are more variable than most other shapes, and  your personal preference will play a lot into your decision-making process about this particular diamond. While generally less brilliant than the round diamond, cushion cut diamonds often have better fire, which makes them very appealing.

Cushion cut diamonds have larger facets which enhances the amount of light the diamonds can reflect, thus increasing their brilliance and making them look slightly larger, another bonus! 

They tend to be lower in price than round brilliant diamonds, but their prices have been have been rising due to their growing demand.

One word of caution...cushion diamonds can be a very confusing cut due to the myriad of terms surrounding them. Terms such as modified cushions, classic cushions, chunky cushions, broken glass, crushed ice, no culets, large culets,  square cushions, and rectangular cushions can make your head spin!

We suggest you do your homework and educate yourself about this pretty and romantic cut. Also, work with someone you trust! And remember, a lot of diamond engagement ring shopping is done with your eyes and your heart. Learn the terms, but don't get overwhelmed. Shop with knowledge and your eyes.

Here are a few of our favorite cushion cut diamonds!

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Celebrating the Cushion Cut Diamond

Celebrating the Cushion Cut Diamond

Celebrating the Cushion Cut Diamond

Celebrating the Cushion Cut Diamond

Celebrating the Cushion Cut Diamond



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Celebrating Cushion Cut Diamonds

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