The Glamour of Rose Gold

June 20, 2018

The Glamour of Rose Gold

We've talked a lot about rose gold as its popularity has been on the upswing for a couple of years now.  This glowing pinkish gold metal has been popping up everywhere— and it is still trending strong in jewelry for 2018. 

And brides are continuing to opt for rose gold in their diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. We LOVE the look of rose's feminine, pretty, and glamorous!

Rose Gold Glamour

The pink color of rose gold comes from an alloy of pure gold and copper. It is also known pink gold and red gold. It was popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century, which gave rise to the name Russian goldhowever, this term is no longer used.

Since this time rose gold has enjoyed periods of popularity. It was popular during the Victorian Era then fell out of fashion. It came back onto the jewelry seen when Cartier in the 1920's re-introduced rose gold in combination with other metals.This was short-lived as platinum became the star metal throughout the 1930s Art Deco era. When platinum became re-purposed for military use during WWII, rose gold gained back its favored status and has been on the jewelry scene ever since then!

The glamorous look of rose gold comes from its pinkish hue and the fact that the copper can slightly darken over time, deepening its pink color and making it look more vintage. This also lends it to having a more Old World Luxury look...we love it and hope you do, too! Here are a few of our favorite rose gold pieces...

Our Top Rose Gold Picks

Rose and White Gold Diamond Necklace

Rose Gold Movado Watch

Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet

Rose Gold Diamond Earrings

Rose Gold Morganite Necklace

Rose Gold Morganite Earrings

Rose Gold Kendra Scott Bracelet

Rose Gold Diamond Heart Ring

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 The Glamour of Rose Gold

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