Plan the Perfect Christmas Proposal

November 21, 2015

Plan the Perfect Christmas Proposal

So, you think you want to "pop the question" and want to do it at Christmas are NOT alone—'tis the season to get engaged!

The holidays are one of the most popular times to get engaged, and I think it's a perfect time to do so because it seems to go so well with all the lights, decorations, and general festive spirit!

There are any number of ways you could pull this off, and let's face it, the internet is drowning in ideas. In order to help you sort through it all, here are some my favorite suggestions for the perfect Christmas proposal! I think they're creative, fun, and memorable!

5 Creative Ways to Propose at Christmas

Box It Up

This one is a lot of fun. Instead of giving your fiance the traditional wrapped ring box, wrap five different boxes with one word of the sentence "Will you marry me?"  in each box on a piece of paper...then wrap the ring in the fifth box! Use different sized boxes wrapped in unique ways. Gotta make sure the boxes are opened in the correct order though!

Make It Extra Sweet

Does your fiance have a sweet tooth? If so, customize your own super sweet proposal with personalized m&m's—how cool is that?  You can personalize beautiful red and green m&m's with your own words and even images.  Wrap them in a beautiful little gift box or place them in a bowl where your fiance will be sure to see them and voila...perfect proposal time!

Spell It Out

For all you hard-core, Griswold-like decorators out there, use your extra lights (you know you have some!) to spell out "Will you marry me?" on your roof, side of your house, or even on your lawn. Then invite your fiance over for the "traditional" lighting of the Christmas decorations and watch her LIGHT up brighter than your decorations when she sees the message.

Fashionably Hide It

I love this one because it has a bit of old Hollywood glamour to it...hide the engagement ring in a pair of beautiful new gloves or mittens.  Wrap them up and be sure to encourage her to try them on so you get to propose!

Keep it Simple

Sometimes simple is best. If you live in a cold climate, write "Will You Marry Me?" in the snow and then take her for a walk by that spot and propose! Simple and elegant!  Or, if you don't live in a cold climate, write "Will You Marry Me?" in the sand on a beautiful beach, or simply pick a beautiful spot such as a park or museum and propose there. Proposing doesn't always have to be a huge event!

Just remember that the proposal is really about the two of you and your future life together. When planning your Christmas proposal, be sure to consider what your fiance likes and doesn't like. If she's a private person, maybe it's best to stick with something simple versus a big show. If she loves having her family around, maybe consider making them part of the proposal. The options are truly endless. 

Bottom line: Have fun, make it special, and go get that YES!

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Plan the Perfect Christmas Proposal

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