The Top 5 Ultimate Push Presents

November 17, 2015

Top 5 Ultimate Push Presents

Push presents —a gift that a dad gives to a mom to celebrate the birth of their baby—are growing in popularity. I think they're a great way to to shower mom with love and appreciation for carrying and having a baby!

Oh! Speaking of babies, please allow me to introduce you to the newest baby in our family, my nephew and Godson, Carter Pickett:

Carter Pickett

Isn't he a handsome fella? I just couldn't resist sharing his pic! Alright, back to push presents...

I love this idea of celebrating mom, so here are a few of my favorite "push" presents. They're also called "baby baubles" or "baby bling" because jewelry is often the traditional gift of choice. Here are a few my favorite jewelry ideas, as well as a couple of "unconventional" ones, too.

Top 5 Push Presents

Bar Necklace: This sharp necklace is a great way to say "thanks" and it can be personalized—either with the baby's initials or birthdate. They're very popular right now and look good on everyone. This necklace also looks fantastic layered with other pieces.

Charm Bracelet: How about starting a beautiful charm collection for your wife with a charm bracelet and a birthstone charm for the baby? It's easy to add to this gift for the next little one, too!

Funky Ring: Try mixing it up a little bit and give mom a funky midi ring with a super cool heart beat design, letting her know she still makes your heart skip a beat! This fun little ring is designed by one of our favorite designers, Gabriel & Co. and comes in yellow, white, and rose gold!

A Clean House: Once a newborn is in the picture, time and energy become valuable commodities and priorities change quickly. While mom might love a clean house, it's likely she won't feel like cleaning the first few months of babyhood. So how about a gift certificate to a house cleaning service? I can't imagine too many moms not liking this one! It gives mom a chance to focus on the baby and herself and not cleaning!

Spa Day: A trip to her favorite day spa is another way to spoil mom! It gives her some much needed down time and pampering. Send her to our favorite spa, Citron Spa in Providence, she 'll love it!

What are your favorite "push" present ideas?

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Top 5 Ultimate Push Presents


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December 05, 2015

Cute baby!

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