Vintage Jewelry: What's Old is New Again

October 02, 2015

Some things just get better with age, and jewelry is one of those things (well, along with wine)! Putting on a piece of vintage jewelry, whether it's a bold art deco piece or a retro 50's gem, is a great way to take your look from trendy to elegant and timeless.

Vintage jewelry has a wonderful way of evoking fond memories from an era gone-by. There always seems to be a good story attached to a great vintage piece. Frankly, it's even better if we don't know the exact provenance of a piece, because we get to pretend and create our own. With it's classic styling, vintage jewelry always looks spectacular and adds that unique, special touch to anything you're wearing.

My number one piece of advice when searching for vintage jewelry: As soon as you see a piece you love, flip it over and look at the backside or underside of the piece.  It's said that the best vintage pieces always look as good from the back as they do from the front.  A quality craftsman would make sure a piece looked spectacular from every angle. So even if you know nothing about jewelry manufacturing techniques, you can usually get a good sense of how well a piece is made by flipping it over.  

And the resurgence in vintage jewelry has been tremendous, especially in vintage engagement rings. I have brides coming in frequently looking for that just right vintage-inspired ring.

I believe the level of detail found in these diamond engagement rings is what's so appealing to our brides. It could also be that nostalgic feeling these gorgeous pieces inspire as well. Thinking of your grandmother adorned in her beautiful jewelry is a powerful memory!

The vintage engagement rings in our collection are all new construction, but capture their inspiration from a style and design nearly 100 years old. Even today quality designers will still add little flourishes, like filigree engraving or a metal lattice to vintage inspired jewelry as an homage to designers of the period.  I think you can see why we love these styles and sharing them with our brides is always a joy!

Here are a few of our favorite styles!

Vintage Engagement Ring
Vintage-Inspired Floral Style Round Diamond Engagement Ring


Vintage Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Cushion Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


Vintage Engagement Ring
Vintage Style Floral Burst Diamond Engagement Ring


Vintage Engagement Ring
Vintage Style Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


You can also check out our Pinterest page for more incredible vintage-inspired diamond engagement rings.

We're honored that Mullen Bros. Jewelers ranks #1 in overall customer ratings among all jewelry stores in Southeastern Massachusetts and we will continue to take care of our neighbors and friends, one jewel at a time.


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