2018 Engagement Ring Trends

January 19, 2018

2018 Engagement Ring Trends

It's time to talk about engagement rings trends again--it's hard to believe 2017 is over! 2018 is underway, so let's get started and see what is on the sparkling diamond engagement ring horizon...

2017 brought us lots of pretty diamond engagement ring trends including ornate halos, rose gold, and stacks. Some of these we will see less of, others we'll see more! We are loving rose gold and glad to see this uber-feminine metal tone in more and more diamond engagement rings.

And 2018 engagement ring trends will not disappoint, either, by the way. There are so many breathtakingly beautiful choices and options, from minimalist styles to fancy diamonds shapes—your head will spin with all the beauty! And color will be big this year as well!

So if you're planning on buying a diamond engagement ring in the near future, or if you want to see what catches your eye, you're in the right spot! We've tracked all the hottest trends for you and you can read about them right here.

Here are the major engagement ring trends 2018 is serving up.

Oval Rings

Oval is going to be big! It's been growing in popularity over the years, so it's no surprise that the hot shape of the season for center stones is oval. This eye-catching shape with it's vintagey-vibe is clean, unique, and gorgeous! You will be seeing this beauty everywhere in 2018!

Our Pick:

2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends Oval Shape

14 K White Gold 1.80 CTTW Oval Haloe Diamond Engagement Ring with Tapered Sides


Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold remains blistering hot with its warm, feminine tones and subtle grace. This metal looks GREAT on EVERY skin tone and speaks of romance, so it's no surprise it is showing up in 2018 diamond engagement ring trends. Powerhouse fashionista Lauren Conrad knew what she was doing when she chose this pretty, pinkish metal for her rings.

Our Pick:

2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

14K Rose Gold  1.40 CTTW Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
$ 4,149.00

Colored Gemstones

We always say there are no "rules" when it comes to jewelry, and this vibrant trend proves just that. Just like white is no longer the assumed color for bridal dresses, bright, luscious, and colorful gemstones are bursting onto the scene with greater power in 2018.  Pick what you love for your engagement ring and rock it!

Our Pick: 

2018 Diamond Engagement Rings Colored Gemstones

14K Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Halo Ring

Pear Shape Styles

Ohhh, we LOVE pear shaped diamond engagement rings! While the oval cut has a more classic look, much like the round diamond engagement ring, pear-cut rings are perfect for the more fashion-forward bride! If you want to stand-out from the rest and set your own trends, this gem is for YOU! And we love a very special feature about this shape: it can be worn with the point up or down, which gives YOU greater fashion choices and allows you to customize your look according to your mood.

Our Pick: 

 2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends Pear Shape

14K White Gold Pear Shaped 3-Stone Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Ring Stacks

Stacks are back! Actually, they never left! They just keep getting hotter and hotter. Mix and match your engagement ring with diamond bands, colored gemstone bands, whatever YOU LIKE! If you prefer a more bohemian look and want to steer clear of coordinated engagement rings and wedding bands, then embrace the stack! Whether you create them yourself or go for the stack-look, you will love it! 

Our Pick:

2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends Stacks

18K Yellow and White Gold Stacked Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Ring

Twisted Details

This is a beautiful trend for any bride. A diamond engagement ring with a "twisted" setting provides the unique touch some brides are looking for, all the while highlighting a classically-shaped stone!

Our Pick:

2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends Twisted Setting

Twisted Wide Split Shank Unique Diamond Engagement Ring

Simple Solitaires

Ah, the simple solitaire...timeless, classic, and really trendless. This minimal and classic look will continue to be on diamond engagement ring trends list from here to....well, eternity! The "minimalist" bride will flock to a solitaire with its clean lines and simple perfection. Watch for solitaires with simple platinum, yellow or white gold bands that allow the diamond to be the true star of the show!

Our Pick:

2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends Simple Solitaire

14K White Gold 3/4 CT Round Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring


The vintage diamond engagement ring is showing no signs of slowing down. From Art Deco to Victorian, these rings will continue to have a strong showing in 2018. They will be showing up on hands everywhere. Their incredibly intricate details and romantic appeal give them a sophisticated and unique look that many brides will love!

Our Pick:

2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends Vintage

14K White Gold Vintage Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


Cushion Cut

The cushion cut has become increasingly more popular and brides love the "old Hollywood" feel it has. The cushion shape is somewhere between a round and princess cut and retains classic underpinnings. We'll be seeing a lot of cushions this year, most likely with a halo!  

Our Pick:

2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends Cushion

1.50 CTTW Cushion Cut Halo Style Diamond Engagement Ring with 1 Ct Cushion Cut Center



O.K. so we've already partially covered this in the colored gemstone section, but sapphires truly deserve their own section. Princess Diana started this trend many years ago and it will be making resurgence this year. This stone with its mesmerizing blue color adds a POP to your engagement ring. Whether it's the center stone or side accents, you will not be sorry you chose this gorgeous gem!

Our Pick:

2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

14K White Gold Vintage Diamond and Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

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2018 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

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