Engagement Rings Trends for 2017

February 03, 2017

Engagement Rings Trends for 2017

Diamonds are always "in", but engagement rings trends do come and go. I've put together a list of what is trending for this year, and the rings are nothing but beautiful in every way. From fancy halos to sizzling stacks, you are sure to find the right ring that will help you get the "yes!"

Rose Gold

Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

Rose Gold continues to be the go-to metal for jewelry right now, particularly for brides who want something off the beaten path for their engagement ring. Rose gold is warm, glowy (←is that a word?), and looks fantastic on all skin tones. It really makes your diamond sizzle!

Ornate Halos

Top Engagement Ring Trends

Hello, Halos! Halos have been hot for a while, but now designers have taken them to the next level. Move over uniform pavé-type halos, and welcome the more ornate look! Designers are adding more diamonds, as well as varying-shaped diamonds to the halo, which gives engagement rings greater pop and flash. Brides won't be able to get enough of this look!

Accent Diamonds

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

Accent Diamonds are making a big statement this year. These petite diamonds on the sides of the center diamond add a beautiful touch to your engagement ring. Designers are opting for smaller diamond stones to allow the center diamond be the true star of the show!

Chic Bands

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017


Choosing a simple band is the way some brides are symbolizing their engagement. They're sleek, simple, and a great choice for someone who is active or isn't into a lot of flash. No matter what metal you choose or number of diamonds, a chic band is a great way to honor your love!


Top Engagement Ring Trends

The Edwardian era has inspired a number of trends, not the least of which are engagement rings. Edwardian embellishments include intricate designs and loads of feminine touches. Platinum, diamonds, and even colored stones characterize this stunning time period as well. Choosing an Edwardian-inspired engagement ring is a super choice for a woman who loves details and grand style.

Classic Solitaires

 Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

The classic solitaire will always remain on the "trending engagement rings" list as it will probably never go out of style. This ring epitomizes classic lines, sophistication, and timeless character. It's pure look never fails to captivate its wearer and those who see it!

Unique Shapes

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

While the classic solitaire engagement ring will continue its reign this year, unique diamond shapes will make a strong comeback in 2017.  Pear, Cushion, Marquise, & Emerald Cuts will be showing up on hands again, but not in the same way as in times past. You'll see a greater variety of settings as well as solitaires, halos, and much, much more.

Say Bye-bye to  Matching Bands

This is a big trend that you'll see for a while to come. Brides are eager to present their originality and uniqueness through their engagement ring choices. This also holds true for their wedding bands. One of the ways brides will be expressing themselves this year is picking wedding bands that do not match their engagement ring. Mixing and matching is in and it's a lot of fun! It allows you to experiment with different styles and be creative. I've said it before and I'll say again: there are no rules. So, feel free to express yourself however you want!

Perfectly Imperfect 

Perfection is out and imperfection is in! What does this mean though? Everyone wants the perfect ring, right? Right! Whatever is perfect for YOU! It means there are no "perfect" rings, no "it" ring you have to have, no certain size budget you must adhere to, just be and do YOU!  An engagement ring is about you and your love for each other. Brides may not necessarily want a "perfectly flawless" white diamond, but rather one that they resonate with and is the "perfect" fit for them and their budget. 

Color Time

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017


Colored gemstones as engagement ring alternatives roared onto the scene in 2016 and I don't think it's going anywhere in 2017. Want a ruby for your engagement ring? Great! Go for it! How about a deep vibrant sapphire? Perfect! An amazing amethyst? Excellent! It's your choice. Pick your color and live happily ever!

Colored Accents

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

Colored  stones were big last year and they'll be big this year, too, but you'll also see something else in the color department: colored accent stones. Few things set off a gorgeous diamond more than colored accent stones. No matter what color the accent--sapphires, rubies, emeralds-- they make your diamond look great!


 Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

I saved the biggest trend for last: Stacks! You will see stacks or stacked rings everywhere.  And they are simply stunning! Whether you buy your rings separately or buy the "stacked look", you will love it! The multiple rings create such an impact. Whether you choose gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum, you can't go wrong with a gorgeous stack.

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Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

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