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Round Colorless Moissanite Center Stone 5.0mm

5.0mm Round Colorless Moissanite Center Stone. This stunning alternative to a traditional diamond creates tremendous sparkle at a fraction of the cost. Measuring at 5mm in diameter, this moissanite center stone is the same size as a traditional 1/2ct round diamond.

Moissanite is known for its hardness (similar to sapphire), and exceptional fire. These stones generate lots of colored light, due to being doubly refractive. All moissanite are guaranteed by their manufacturer against breakage or discoloration. So you can enjoy this stones beauty for many many years to come. 

If you ever decide to upgrade to a diamond, we will credit you the full price of this moissanite, against a diamond of the same size. Price includes the cost of setting the stone into any one of our engagement ring mountings.

  • Stone Type
    • Moissanite
  • Grading Report
    • N/A
  • Color
    • Colorless
  • Clarity
    • Flawless
  • Size
    • 5mm (1/2ct equivalent)