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Vendor Spotlight: Kendra Scott

June 24, 2017

Vendor Spotlight:  Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is up next in our vendor spotlight. This jewelry queen from Austin, Texas is a designer, CEO, and a philanthropist who started small but has exploded her business into a billion dollar fashion brand empire.

Her incredible creative venture began in 2002 in her spare bedroom where she created her first jewelry collection. While on bed rest pregnant with her first son, she began tinkering with gems and making one-of-a-kind jewelry!

Her use of  bold colors, interesting textures, mesmerizing shapes, and amazing materials won her fans immediately! We here at Mullen Bros. Jewelers are one of her super fans and we're thrilled to now be carrying her exquisite collection of jewelry.

Kendra's Philosophy

Kendra and her company is driven by three core values:  Family, Fashion and Philanthropy. Giving back is an extremely important part of her empire and Kendra's mantra is “What Matters to You, Matters to Us.”

Family is also a driving force in  Kendra's business. The birth of her two sons during the beginning of her business drove her to create a lifestyle that is both flexible and fun, and she extends this mindset to those that work with her. In fact, The Austin Business Journal awarded her company one of "The Best Places to Work."

And Kendra's fashion taste is unparalleled in the world of style. Her color-soaked Kendra Scott Jewelry line gathers praise and accolades from top magazines all over the country and rave reviews from her loyal fans.

The fashion world has taken notice of Kendra as well as she has gained attention from fashion designers. Two of them loved her work so much, Oscar de la Renta and Randolph Duke, that they formed partnerships with her and have featured Kendra as their accessories designer on their runway collections—impressive!

Even celebrities are in love with her designs. Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara have been spotted wearing her jewels!

Kendra's Jewelry Style

Kendra Scott jewelry has an unmistakable sense of style, yet it's unpretentious and easy to wear. Kendra's collections of handcrafted, unique forms are immediately recognizable as her own.

Her necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings all have an air of chic that works well for both daytime and evening wear. And her impeccable styles look good on everybody!

Each piece of jewelry has been lovingly created with great attention to color, texture, and unique composition. The composition of each piece of jewelry is important to Kendra. Each gorgeous Kendra Scott jewelry piece has a distinct yet beautiful shape, and she often uses colorful semi-precious stones to take her jewelry to the next level. She is known for her exquisite taste and expert use of these colorful stones.

Kendra Scott has stayed true to her brand, while being able to masterfully bring in fresh and new ideas. It's a balancing act, but she does it well. Her collections have a broad customer appeal thanks to a strong foundation in iconic pieces blended with lots of cutting-edge twists.

Her use of natural stones has a lot to do with this broad customer appeal.  Four stones stand out in particular: drusy, abalone, magnesite, and mother of pearl. These stones feature prominently in her work, along with other natural stones such as turquoise.

Kendra sources directly from countries like Brazil, Madagascar, China, and Mongolia.  She believes strongly in customizing her own stone shapes and bringing the best she can to her customers and loyal fans. Her company buys all of its stones in the rough. She goes straight to the source and cuts out the middle men. In fact, her company is the biggest importer of drusy in the world!

Fashion That Doesn't Cost a Fortune

Besides Kendra's stones stealing the show, so do her prices. Her fashion jewelry sells mostly for under $100. This is fancy jewelry that doesn't come with a fancy, in-your-face, break-your-bank price tag. Her chunkier pieces make a subtle statement and allow the wearer to feel like she's wearing fine jewelry without the fine jewelry price tag. Kendra, from the beginning, set out to make hand-crafted exquisite jewelry that was attainable for women everywhere.

Kendra believed there was a need in the jewelry industry that was not being met. She felt there was very expensive jewelry that most women couldn't afford and on the other end of the spectrum, inexpensive or cheaply made jewelry that fell apart quickly after you purchased it.

With style, composition, and price in mind, she has created an iconic jewelry line. By being being true to her core values and remaining authentic, Kendra has had incredible success in the jewelry world.

Above all else, Kendra considers herself a mom first, and a CEO and designer second. We're glad she's staying true to who she is and can't wait to share with you her amazing pieces.

Some Of Our Favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry Pieces


 Kendra Scott Turquoise Necklace  Kendra Scott Necklace Kendra Scott Abalone Necklace Kendra Scott Long Layering Necklace Kendra Scott Long Cord Necklace 


Kendra Scott Turquoise Cuff Kendra Scott Iridescent Cuff Kendra Scott Bolo Bracelet  Kendra Scott Filigree Cuff Kendra Scott Cuff 


Kendra Scott Earrings Kendra Scott Earrings Kendra Scott Abalone Earrings Kendra Scott Cat Eye Earrings Kendra Scott Earrings


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Vendor Spotlight Kendra Scott

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