The Story of Mullen Jewelers: One of the Original Jewelry Stores in Fall River

July 15, 2016

At Mullen Bros. Jewelers, we have been serving our customers in Fall River, and now Swansea, MA for 5 generations. This is the story of our passion for the community and the legacy of Joseph Mullen Sr.

Our journey started in downtown Fall River, MA in the late 19th century, when an immigrant factory worker, saved his wages and bought a suitcase full of jewelry. He started going door to door around Fall River, selling jewelry on credit, and establishing a reputation for service and quality.

The principles that built his business over 120 years ago, are the same ones that guide us today. We believe that every customer should be treated fairly and with total honesty. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to wear jewelry that makes them smile. That means we keep our prices as reasonable as we can, and providing styles and qualities that appeal to everyone.

We hate high pressure sales when we're shopping, so we never use that practice here. We focus on diamond education, personal custom jewelry design, and most importantly, that the lifetime value of a customer relationship is always more important than a single sale.

3 centuries later, we hope that Joseph F. Mullen Sr. would be proud of what his family has built upon his foundation. Thank you for learning more about us. We look forward to hearing your story. 

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