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Morganite: What Is It and Why Is It So Popular?

March 23, 2018

Morganite: What Is It and Why Is It So Popular?

The beautiful pink-ish to peach-ish gemstone known as Morganite has taken the world by storm in the last few years! Instagram and Pinterest are FILLED with stunning pictures of this pretty stone as many ladies are choosing this gemstone for their engagement ring!

Morganites comes from the same mineral, beryl, that Emeralds and Aquamarines come from—this is why it is also known as pink beryl, rose beryl, pink emerald, and cesian beryl!

Morganite comes in a variety of colors including pink, rose, peach, purple, and salmon. The pink and rose tints tend to be the most sough after right now, but it is definitely a personal preference! Pick what YOU LOVE, we always say here at Mullen Bros.!

The History of the Morganite

This magical, eye-catching stone was first discovered on an island on the coast of Madagascar in 1910. And in the same year, the New York Academy of Sciences named the pink variety of beryl "morganite" after financier J. P. Morgan. That's quite a namesake! 

Morganite Mohs Scale Score

On the Mohs scale, Morganites are about a 7.5. The  Mohs Scale is a test that compares the resistance of a mineral to being scratched by ten reference minerals known as the Mohs Hardness Scale. Diamond is scored as a 10 since it is the hardest substance on this scale and one of the hardest substances on the earth! Some man-materials as well as a rare natural substance are now known to be harder than diamonds but they are not included on this scale. 

It's important to be mindful of the fact that a morganite, being softer than a diamond, can be susceptible to scratching and needs a little more TLC if you plan to wear it everyday, like an engagement ring.

Overall, Morganite is simply a gorgeous stone and looks good in a wide variety of settings and metals. Their skyrocketing popularity is certainly warranted! Rose gold has been paired frequently with Morganite as the pinkish tone of the rose gold complements the pinkish hue of the Morganite very nicely and elegantly. 

Here are a few of our favorite Morganite pieces...

Our Favorite Morganite Pieces

Morganite Ring with Diamonds and Rose Gold

Morganite Necklace with Diamond Halo

Morganite Earrings with Diamond Halo

Morganite Ring with Diamond Halo

Morganite Stud Earrings with Diamond Halo

Morganite Ring

Morganite Necklace

Morganite Oval Ring


We're honored that Mullen Bros. Jewelers ranks #1 in overall customer ratings among all jewelry stores in Southeastern Massachusetts and we will continue to take care of our neighbors and friends, one jewel at a time.

The Magic of Morganite

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