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Stacked Engagement Rings...A Sizzling Trend!

March 10, 2017

Stacked Engagement Rings...A Sizzling Trend!

If you were to check out Pinterest jewelry boards, you would notice a striking  trend: stackable engagement rings and stackable wedding bands. Stacks are hot right now and are going strong! They have taken the jewelry world by storm...

Traditionally, the engagement ring comes first, then a wedding band to match.  Today, however, anything goes! And stackable engagement rings and wedding bands are the way many modern brides are choosing to go...

While most rules are out the window, there are few things to think about when selecting your stacked rings.

Things to Think About Before Buying a Stacked Engagement Ring

  • First of all, think in threes (or really, sets of odd numbers!), as sets of three look aesthetically very pleasing. Most designers use this rule when decorating, and I think it makes sense with stacking too!
  • Don't be afraid to mix stones, metals, textures, and colors when designing your stackable ring sets! This is what it is all about...mix and match to your heart's content!
  • Do you want to buy individual bands or do you want to buy an engagement ring or wedding band that have the stacked-look or are pre-stacked? Jewelry designers are on to the stacking trend and they are designing rings that look stacked but provide the ease of being all-in-one! It's all up to you and what you like!

Stacked wedding sets are a great way to express your individuality as a bride. And it's something you can keep adding to over the years to celebrate anniversaries or special occasions--we absolutely love them here at Mullen Bros. Jewelers. Here are a few of our absolute favorites...

Stacked Engagement Rings

Stacked "Look" Rings

Sizzling Stacked Engagement Ring Sizzling Stacked Engagement Rings Sizzling Stacked Engagement Ring 


 Sizzling Stacked Engagement Rings  Sizzling Stacked Engagement Rings   Sizzling Stacked Engagement Rings

Mix and Match Rings

Stackable Wedding Rings Stackable Wedding Ring  Stacked Wedding Rings

 Stacked Wedding Rings Stacked Wedding Rings Stacked Wedding Band


We're honored that Mullen Bros. Jewelers ranks #1 in overall customer ratings among all jewelry retailers in our community and we will continue to take care of our neighbors and friends, one jewel at a time! 

Sizzling Stacked Engagement Rings

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Susan   Tattersall
Susan Tattersall

April 12, 2017

Your Jewerlly is FANTASTIC

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