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John Medeiros Jewelry Collection

February 28, 2019

John Medeiros Jewelry Collection

We love talking about the jewelry designers we work with. After all, we wouldn't be showcasing and carrying their beautiful creations if we didn't love them and want to share them with you. Bringing you the best in the jewelry world is one of our passions!

And John Medeiros is one of those designers whose work brings a smile to our face and joy to those who wear his splendid and unforgettable pieces.

Not only is his work exquisitely crafted but incredibly affordable—this is a win-win for everyone! 

We here at Mullen Brothers Jewelers strive to carry jewelry collections that can fit all kinds of budgets, from extravagant to modest. (And hey, just because you might have a more modest budget doesn't mean you can't have an extravagant piece of jewelry, right?!)

John Medeiros' attention to detail and quality craftsmanship create one-of-a-kind stand-out pieces that pop with whatever you are wearing. His unique style and design is amazing in every way! We love it and believe you will, too...

Here's a little bit about John and  his stunning jewelry—

John Medeiros: Starting Young

John started his career in jewelry early! He was 12 years old when he began working in the famous jewelry district of Providence, Rhode Island.

He would go to work on production lines after school and began picking up skills during this early impressionable period. His love of jewelry and design were honed from an early age and clearly show in his work.

Fast forward to the year 1985— this is when John started Tahoe Jewelry, featuring pieces with the intricate polishing and stone setting services he is so well-known for. These features— along with his overall skill and natural artistry —caught the eye of Gucci and others. This became a great launching pad for the future of his work.

John worked tirelessly to bring his visions to life. Clearly inspired and influenced by the Renaissance artists plus a drive to make it affordable, he would sketch and work til his designs matched what was in his mind.

In 2000, this drive, tenacity and vision became what we know today as The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection.

Today, this stylish and fantastic jewelry line is one of the few still produced from start to finish in Rhode Island! We are proud to carry this line in our store and offer his gorgeous pieces to you!

John's Success and  Mission

John's success can be contributed to the belief that quality and original jewelry should be enjoyed and loved by all women, not just the few with endless budgets.

Here are some features and attributes that make it stand apart from other jewelry lines:

What Makes John Medeiros Jewelry Stand Out and Apart

John and his company have worked hard to create a jewelry collection that is beautiful, original, long-lasting, timeless, and accessible.

  • Non-precious lead-free premium alloy with .05% of silver which makes his pieces strong and lightweight.
  • The finish is *rhodium and 14Kt gold which keeps it from tarnishing and easy to care for! *Rhodium is a derivative of platinum that has all the qualities of platinum plus the benefits of being a harder material and even longer lasting with an overall whiter tone.
  • The stones are Cubic Zirconium. Cubic Zirconium can even be a little tricky for the jewelry experts to tell apart from real diamonds and makes the price within reach for most individuals.
  • His earring posts are surgical steel which are perfect for those with sensitive ears and allergies.
  • All designs are original and stunning!
  • Hand made in the United States which we love and proudly support!
  • Gorgeous intricate, hand-carved detailing on the front, sides, and back which make this jewelry beautiful from all sides...more like wearable art.
  • Cutting-edge engineering and strong construction for durability which include originally-designed closures which blend seamlessly into the overall design motif, multiple strands —often used on bracelets and necklaces —add to the look and strength of the piece, chains and ends are joined in the casting process, and the CZ stones stones are prong set, not glued.
  • Two-toned finish makes John's jewelry pop but also makes the pieces super easy to mix and match with what you already own. This versatility is a feature we really love!

Here are some of our favorite John Medeiros pieces. (It was hard to pick these because we love them all!)

Some of our favorite John Medeiros Jewelry Pieces

John Medeiros Jewelry Earrings

John Medeiros Necklace


John Mediros Necklace

John Medeiros Jewelry

John Medeiros Necklace

John Medeiros Earrings

John Medeiros Necklace You are my Sunshine


 John Medeiros Tree of Life Pendant

John Medeiros

Check out the rest of John's stunning and original jewelry collection here. Now we think you can see why we are John Mediros fans and hopefully you are one too!

We're honored that Mullen Bros. Jewelers ranks #1 in overall customer ratings among all jewelry stores in Southeastern Massachusetts and we will continue to take care of our neighbors and friends, one jewel at a time.

John Medeiros Jewelry

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