How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Proposal!

July 25, 2018

How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Proposal!

So, it's time to propose and you want to create the perfect proposal for your soon-to-be-fiance. You've found the one you want to share your life with, got the perfect diamond engagement ring, and are now ready to walk down the aisle towards the "happily ever after" chapter of your life! Congratulations! 

You've also discovered along the way you both love animals and have picked up a pet and this much loved pet has become an integral part of your lives. Or, this pet was there before YOU were and you've spent many hours winning over this furry friend to your side with ethical bribes, otherwise known as treats! No matter the history, you want this pet to be part of your proposal!

We get it and we love this idea! We thought we could share with you some fun ways to include this beloved furry family member into one of the most important moments of your lives...

Let's start with the pet dog....

This is probably the easiest pet to include in your proposal, so check these fun ways out...

Attach The Engagement Ring To The Collar

O.K. this is the obvious approach, but still a fun one and sure to delight your significant other. You can either attach the ring to the dog's collar and have your girlfriend find it somehow, either when she takes the dog for a walk or when he greets her in morning and pop the question then. You can also buy the dog a new collar and ask her to put it on the dog and have the ring attached to this new one. Either way, this is sure to be a winning way to propose!

 Order A Customized Item For The Dog

Customization is another great way to propose. How memorable would it be if you got her dog a shirt that says, "Will You Marry Me?" or a dog tag with a proposal message inscribed on it? We think she would love it!

Sign, Signs, Everywhere Signs....

Well, not everywhere, but one hung strategically around your dog's neck is surely an endearing and popular way to propose— and an easy way to include your pup. Get creative with the sign with fun lettering and fonts but maybe consider getting your doggie used to the sign being around his neck before you pop the question. You wouldn't want any hiccups in this moment, right? 

A Balancing Act

Alright, this one is going to require that your dog is fairly well-trained or really well-trained—balance the ring on your dog's nose when she's not looking and then we she looks back and sees the ring...propose!

Create a Trail of Treats

We all know that dogs love to eat, so they are sure to follow a trail of treats to the spot where you are waiting on bended knee, with ring in hand, ready to propose! One caveat...make sure your girlfriend is following the dog! Maybe set this one up when she's coming back in from a walk with him. 

Fetch the Ring

Alright, this is another one that requires a well-trained pooch. One day or evening when you and your girlfriend are chilling out, have your pup go fetch the ring box and bring it to you...she will love it!

Now, onto you, Cat Lovers!

We know that not everyone is a dog lover—many people are cat lovers and would love to include their pet cat in the proposal. While this is definitely a little trickier thanks to the...shall we say..."independent" nature of cats, a little more creativity and planning may be required to include your furry feline friend.

Use a Sign

Just like with the dog, you can hang a simple little sign around your cat's neck, but you definitely need to get your cat used to this as most felines are pretty picky about what goes around their neck.

On the Collar

Again, like the dog, simply attach the ring to the kitty's collar and wait for her to notice. When she does, go for that yes!

Catnip Ball

O.K. this is one is specifically for cats! We all know they love their catnip, right? You know those little balls you fill with catnip and then watch your kitty chase it around for a while!? Well, how about putting her ring in the ball instead and asking your girlfriend to fill it up with fresh catnip and Voila!...perfect proposal opportunity!

Hey, we didn't forget you Bird Lovers either!

Yeah, we didn't want to leave you out! So maybe you don't have quite the same perfect opportunity as this guy did, but how about teaching your bird (if it's a talking type!) to say, "Will You Marry Me?" and then cue it at the perfect time? Just make sure your bird will say it on cue as you don't want that question being asked at any old time. That could be...awkward.

So there you have itsuper fun,unique, and even quirky ways to include your pet in your proposal. Now, you may be thinking,"Well, I have the proposal planned and ready to go, but I still don't have the perfect ring!"

No problem...we've got you covered. Here at Mullen Bros. Jewelers we specialize in helping you get that yes and here are some perfect engagement rings to help you on your way to happily ever after!

Beautiful Engagement Rings

How to Include Your Pets in Your Proposal -Beautiful White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Include Your Pet in Your Proposal - Beautiful Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Include Pets in Your Proposal - Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Include Pets in Your Proposal - Beautiful Mark Schneider Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Include Pets in Your Proposal - Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Include Pets in Your Proposal - Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Include Pets in Your Proposal - Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Include Pets in Your Proposal - Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring


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How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Proposal

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