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Great Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

October 07, 2016

Tips for Traveling with Jewelry
It's finally time to take that dream vacation you've been looking forward to and thinking about for months and months. You have your suitcases out and ready to be filled with everything you need to make this trip the best it can be!
As you excitedly start the packing process (or not so excitedly—I know some people hate packing!), you begin to carefully review your planned packing list. You pause as your eyes fall on the word jewelry. You have painstakingly picked each outfit and the perfect jewelry to go with each one, but now you are starting to have second thoughts.
You start thinking to I really want to take my fine jewelry with me or should I just play it safe and leave it at home where I know it will be kept out of harm's way? After all you have heard too many nightmare stories of people either losing their cherished baubles or getting them stolen never to be found again.
It's understandable that you have apprehension over traveling with your fine jewelry, but I would like to propose that you can travel well with your jewelry if you put the following tips into practice! While nothing in life is guaranteed, these excellent guidelines will go a long way in keeping your treasured gems safe and sound.

How to Travel with Jewelry

Carry Your Jewelry With You

I believe this is one of the best and most practical ways you can safeguard against losing your jewelry: Put it in with your carry-on bag! Do not, I repeat, do not put it with your luggage as we all know luggage can get lost. And this is not the way you want to start your dream vacation!

Photograph Your Jewelry

Take pictures of all the jewelry you plan to have with you while traveling on your trip. This will give you a great inventory of what you brought with you and can be used in the unfortunate event that something happens. For example, if a piece gets lost and is eventually found, you can can use this photo inventory to prove your ownership of the recovered jewelry.

Get Organized with a Pill Box

Believe it or not, pill boxes are ideal for organizing and storing jewelry. They are inexpensive and you can easily find them at your local drugstore. These sturdy little boxes will fit neatly into most, if not all, carry on bags and do a great job at protecting your jewelry from damage. And here's another bonus: you can use them to plan what you're going to wear each day of the week!

Pack with Plastic

Plastic bags are another smart way to pack your jewelry. Each piece can go in its own bag, and you can then label each bag with a description of what’s inside it. This gives you a quick and easy reminder of everything you brought with you. Reminder: If you're bringing pearls along, don't store them for long in the plastic bag; it's not good for them!

Pin It!

If a piece of jewelry you are taking with you has some sort of pin in it like an earring or a brooch, put the pin through the plastic bag so it won’t move around. This will keep the pieces from bumping against each other, which can cause damage, particularly to soft gemstones.

Leave the Cotton at Home

Skip the cotton balls!  Don't try to use cotton balls or cotton batting to pack with. The fiber from the cotton will get stuck in the jewelry, particularly the prongs, and you will be left with a mess. Saran wrap or plastic bags are far better choices to protect your jewelry while packing.

Don't Forget to Keep it Clean!

Don't forget to bring along a jewelry cleaning cloth. One made of microfiber is a good choice and a great way to keep your jewelry looking it's best on your dream vaca!

The Straw Trick

This is a brilliant tip that you will love: String your chains through straws! This prevents them from getting tangled and will save you a LOT of time and aggravation.

Contact Your Insurance Carrier

Be sure to let your your insurance company know of your travel plans and dates. This way they are prepared in the event you need their services.

Less is More

O.K. so this might be really hard, but give it a shot: Don't overload yourself and take too much. You'll do yourself a favor by paring back and taking those few items that will enhance your wardrobe. With a select few pieces, you can still have the perfect look!

We're honored that Mullen Bros. Jewelers ranks #1 in overall customer ratings among all jewelry retailers in our community and we will continue to take care of our neighbors and friends, one jewel at a time! 

Source: GIA

Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

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