All About Diamond Shapes

August 11, 2017

All About Diamond Shapes

Everyone has there own unique style. It's what makes you YOU! Classic, modern,  vintage, contemporary,  unique, eclectic—no matter your stylewe encourage you to be you!

And when it comes to your diamond engagement ring (which you'll be wearing forever hopefully), you certainly want it to be an accurate reflection of who you are and your particular style. It's one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever own because it represents your treasured love and commitment to each other!

In order to help you get a better understanding of diamond shapes and make the best choice possible, here is a guide to give you a closer look of each individual diamond shape and what type of personality is usually attracted to that type. I say usually because there is always an exception to the rule! 

Round Diamonds

All About Diamond Shapes

Easily the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings, it is a classic and sophisticated cut.  The round brilliant shape, the original ‘modern’ cut, was created in the early 20th century. This classic shape consists of 58 facets (Facets are the flat faces on the diamond which have been cut into them in order to improve their appearance by allowing them to reflect light and increase sparkle!)

The round shape diamond is extremely versatile, which greatly adds to its overall appeal. You can wear it alone as an elegant solitaire, set it in a halo, or finish with side diamonds. The person who chooses a round diamond usually has a penchant for tradition and classics. You're typically not a trendy type and you know what you like and want.

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Princess Diamonds

All About Diamond Shapes

The princess cut diamond is simply beautiful with its modern square shape and tons of sparkle!  Who doesn't love a lot of sparkle, right? They produce the most fire (colored light) and their sharp edges appeals to those with modern sensibilities. Those who love princess shape diamonds usually love tradition mixed with a little change and spontaneity.

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Cushion Diamonds

All About Diamond Shapes Cushion Cut


Ah, the cushion shape diamond! It immediately evokes thoughts of old Hollywood glamour with its vintage luxury and romantic feel. Its square shape with rounded corners, like a pillow (hence it's name), is soft-looking and beautiful.  It has a very distinctive look. Cushion cut diamond wearers love vintage luxury, romance  with a bit of adventure thrown in for fun!

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Emerald Diamonds

All About Diamond Shapes

An emerald cut diamond is inspired by the stunning green gemstone by the same name. This is a dramatic shape! This elongated shape emphasizes clarity over sparkle. Because of it's long lines, it tends to be less fiery than say a "round brilliant" cut, but can have more dramatic flashes of light. Dramatic and distinctive, an emerald cut diamond is usually chosen by those who are confident with a strong appreciation for style and design.

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Oval Diamonds

All About Diamond Shapes

An oval diamond shapes are elegant and eye-catching. The elongated shape makes it a great selection for someone who is drawn toward the round but is looking for something a little more unique.  Since an oval diamond can be cut with the same number of facets as a round, they can be just as sparkly and brilliant!  This is a good choice for those with shorter fingers as they create an illusion of length. Those who are drawn to oval diamond shapes typically are artistic in nature with a bit of a daring side!

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Pear Diamonds

All About Diamond Shapes

The pear or ‘teardrop’ diamond is a truly unique shape. Taking cues from the oval and marquise cuts, it features both a rounded and pointed end. This shape of diamond can be worn with the diamond facing either way – how's that for versatility? There's not a right or wrong way to wear this beauty! This diamond shape really stands out and the one who gravitates towards this shape isn't afraid of a little attention since it has lots of sparkle and flash.

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Marquise Diamonds

All About Diamond Shapes

If you want a larger-looking diamond, then the marquise shaped diamond is for you—it has the greatest size per carat weight of all the popular cuts.

The marquise cut diamond, which is also known as the navette,  football-shaped cut, the boat-shaped cut, or the eye-shaped cut, is an elongated shape with pointed ends. It is a very sophisticated cut!

An interesting bit of history about the marquise shape diamond: it was developed for France's Louis XIV, who was so smitten by the smile of his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour, that he commissioned the creation of a diamond to match it!

The marquise cut is gorgeous when used as a solitaire or when surrounded by smaller diamonds and gemstones.

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So, which diamond shape is your favorite? 

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All About Diamond Shapes

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