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What's Trending For Engagement Rings in 2016

January 12, 2016

Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2016


2016 has the look of a great year for engagement ring styles. Based on the feedback we heard during the busy Christmas season, and the first looks we've seen at new spring styles, here are our 5 biggest engagement ring trends for 2016.

Rose Gold Accents

Vintage styles have been popular for years now, however, we've been seeing a big trend towards incorporating rose gold accents, especially into vintage style engagement rings. The extra pop of color from the rose gold, highlights the details of the ring and helps your ring standout from the others.

 Rose and White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement RingRose and White Gold Bypass Diamond Engagement RingDiamond Engagement Ring with Rose Gold Halo

Statement Styles

Go big or go home! Not every woman is looking for a huge center diamond. Many prefer a more modestly sized center diamond accented by a truly standout style. Let your imagine run wild, scour every Pinterest board you can find. These rings will get noticed, and you'll get a ton of compliments for choosing a bold and unique style.

Freeform Nova Diamond Engagement RingBypass Diamond Engagement Ring with HaloFlaired Diamond Engagement Ring


Oval and Emerald Cut Halo Rings

Round and princess cut halo engagement rings have been the biggest trend over the past decade. But we're now starting to see more and more future brides choose different shaped halo rings, particularly oval and emerald cut. Oval diamonds have much of the same sparkle and brilliance of a round, but trick the eye to look much larger than their carat weight would suggest. Emerald cuts are a completely different category of diamond cutting, but create an incredibly elegant brilliance that is wonderfully unique.

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement RingEmerald Cut 3-Stone HaloOval Halo Engagement Ring with Split Shank


Modern with Vintage Inspiration

It would seem impossible for a ring to be both modern and vintage at the same time, but more and more designers finding new ways to draw inspiration inspiration from past, in their new and modern designs. Rather than the traditional filigree metalwork that you'd find in vintage designs, we're seeing trellis and scrolled styles, all paying homage to styles of the past.

Double Halo with Vintage FlairHalo Engagement Ring with ScrollworkCriss-Cross Rolled Diamond Engagement Ring

Double Halos

What's better than a halo engagement ring? How about two halos?!? Double halo engagement rings give a tremendous sparkle, and are a great way to get a huge look for your budget. Want to have the ultimate on-trend 2016 engagement ring? Choose a double halo engagement with an oval center and the inner halo accented with rose gold. Talk about a statement style! 

Round Double Halo Diamond Engagement RingPrincess Cut Double Halo Engagement RingEmerald Cut Rose and White Gold Double Halo Engagement Ring

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