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5 Best Ways to Keep Your Ring Looking Great

February 09, 2015

Your engagement ring should give you a lifetime of enjoyment.  Keep it looking great with these 5 simple tips.

1. Get Your Ring Insured

The best way to protect your engagement ring, or any other jewelry you own, is with an insurance policy.  Typically your homeowners or renters insurance will offer a personal property rider.  Another alternative is to insure your jewelry with a company like Jewelers Mutual.  JM offers comprehensive jewelry insurance, covering everything from damage to accidental loss and theft.  Rates vary by state, but in Massachusetts it’s $15 per thousand per year.  In Rhode Island, it’s only $12.50.  So a $10,000 ring would only cost $150 to insure per year with no deductible.

2. Have Your Ring Cleaned by a Professional

We have specialized equipment to clean and inspect your ring.  Vibrating ultrasonic cleaners and 80 PSI of steam, give your ring a spa treatment.  Plus trained gemologists like myself or my father will inspect your ring to look for signs or wear or damage.  Big problems with your ring almost always start with small wear spots.  Having your ring checked twice a year is the best way to keep it looking great and prevent problems down the road.

3. Watch out for Chlorine and Bleach

While almost nothing will harm your diamond, chlorine and bleach are everyday chemicals that can cause problems for your ring.  Both of these chemicals can damage the metal that holds your diamond.  That doesn’t mean you can’t wear your ring at the summer BBQ, but if you regularly swim for exercise, it’s strongly recommended you leave your ring at home.  Also be careful when pouring chemicals into your pool or straight bleach into your laundry.

4. Take Care of your Metal

Gold is a metal that will scratch with wear.  Your yellow gold ring can be easily polished at our store, often while you wait.  However, white gold needs to be rhodium plated periodically to keep it looking white and new.  Having your ring plated every 1-2 years is perfect for keeping it looking great.  Platinum is a softer denser metal.  So while it scratches more than gold, the metal doesn’t wear away over time.  Simply having your platinum ring polished and refinished every 3-5 years will have it looking amazing again.

5. Clean Your Ring at Least Once a Week

Mention this article and we’ll gladly give you a free bottle of our jewelry cleaner that you can use everyday to keep your jewelry looking great.  Simply letting your engagement ring soak to 10-15 minutes and giving it a scrub with an old toothbrush will make a huge difference in the everyday beauty of your ring.  Diamonds are magnets for grease and a simple daily or weekly cleaning at home will keep your diamond sparkling and the compliments coming, year after year.

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