Wedding Bands for Her

April 16, 2016

Wedding Bands for Her

So, you've found the perfect engagement ring and now it's time to find the perfect wedding band. There are plenty of beautiful options out there, from a classic platinum metal band to a gorgeous eternity band.

With all the choices to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming to find the right one. Since I like to keep the shopping process for wedding bands (all jewelry, really!) fun and stress-free, here are a few basic questions to think about before heading out to shop for yours.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Wedding Band

  1. What is your budget?
  2. Do you want a classic wedding band or are you looking for something very fashion-forward and on trend?
  3. Do you want a wedding band that is designed to "match" your ring?
  4. Do you want your wedding band to match your fiance's ring?
  5. If looking for a wedding band with diamonds in it, what style of diamonds do you prefer: prong-set, channel-set, or pave diamonds?

Asking yourself these simple questions is a great place to start and should get you on the right path to finding the perfect wedding band. Of course, this is just the beginning; there are many more decisions to make about your wedding band. An experienced jeweler can guide you all the way to the perfect ring.

Speaking of wedding bands, here are some beautiful ones to consider on your journey to the right one...

Wedding Bands She'll Love

Wedding Bands for Her

14K White Gold 17-Stone Channel Set Diamond Band: This classic wedding band is a beautiful complement to most engagement rings!--$1799.00

Wedding Bands for HerWedding Bands for Her

14K White Gold Bead Set Contoured Diamond Wedding Ring with Engraved Band: This gorgeous wedding ring designed by Gabriel & Co. is an example of ring designed to "match" an engagement ring.--$1099.00

Wedding Bands for Her

14K White Gold Common Prong Diamond Wedding Band: This white gold diamond wedding ring is all about showing off its gorgeous diamonds with a common prong setting. Think of this way: less prongs, more diamonds showing. This is very pretty ring!--$899.00

Wedding Bands for Her

14K white gold French Pave Set Eternity Diamond Band: This eternity diamond wedding band will makes jaws drop as they gaze on the diamonds wrapping all around your finger...this ring is a true STUNNER! --Prices vary due to ring size

Wedding Bands for Her

10K Rose Gold Bead Set Contoured Diamond Stackable Ring:  This little gem is a fantastic ring to accent a beautiful rose gold engagement ring or stacked with others bands like it. One side of the ring is contoured to wrap around the round diamonds and the other is flat to fit flush against another ring. These bead set round diamonds wrap around 1/3 of the ring.--$249.00

Stay tuned next week for Wedding Bands for Him, and keep your eye out for a wedding band event happening soon!

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Wedding Bands for Her

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