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Round Brilliant Loose Diamond .90ct H/VS2 | Mullen Jewelers

.90ct round brilliant diamond with EGL grading report.

This stunning round brilliant loose diamond weighs .90ct and has a color grade of H (near colorless) and a clarity grade of VS2 (no visible inclusions). This diamond has been independently graded by the EGL lab, and comes with an official grading report certification. This diamond is a traditional mined diamond, and has not been enhanced, treated, drilled, or modified in any way.

For a better look at this diamond, view our video clip thumbnail for a high resolution video and gemologist audio description.

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  • Stone Type
    • Traditional mined diamond
  • Grading Report
    • EGL
  • Color
    • H
  • Clarity
    • VS2
  • Size
    • .90ct 


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