In 1878, my Great Great Grandfather, Joseph Mullen Sr., emigrated from Lancashire, England and began working in the Fall River cotton mills. He worked in the mills for about 15 years until he met my future Great Great Grandmother.
In the late 1800’s, becoming a jeweler stood as one of the more respected professions in the community, and because my future Great Great Grandmother refused to marry a mill worker, Joseph F. Mullen & Co. was born.

Joseph Mullen Sr. started his jewelry business in 1893, as one of the first Fall River jewelers, selling all the jewelry he could afford to purchase, from a suitcase. As an individual, he was an extrovert with a host of friends. He started calling at the car barns, neighborhood grocery stores, and police and fire stations on a weekly basis to sell greater Fall River their jewelry.
On every piece of jewelry he sold he would get one dollar down and collect ten cents a week. By 1907, the business had grown and prospered on the strength of his service and dedication.
In the last 120 years, four additional generations of Mullen’s have survived two world wars and the great depression, working to continue to maintain and improve upon the framework and principles created by my Great Great Grandfather.

Today, you can come in and meet the 4th and 5th generation of Mullen’s, Robert Mullen Jr. and III. It has been 120 years and the company has changed names from Joseph F. Mullen & Co., to Mullen Bros. Jewelers, but we still strive to provide the same quality, service and friendly experience that made my Joseph Mullen successful two centuries ago.
We feel truly blessed that we’ve been able to come from a suitcase to the beautiful 5,000 sq. foot free-standing jewelry store in Swansea, Massachusetts that we call home today.

In our third century of business we are a full service jeweler specializing in diamond engagement rings and fashion jewelry, providing insurance appraisals, expert jewelry and watch repair, and custom jewelry design. Thank you so much for your interest, we look forward to making you a part of our family of customers.