Lab Grown Brilliant Loose Diamond 1.00ct H/VS1 With IGI Cert

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1.00ct lab grown round brilliant diamond with IGI grading report.

This lab grown round brilliant loose diamond weighs 1.00ct and has a color grade of H (near colorless, faces up colorless) and a clarity grade of VS1 (no visible inclusions). It has been cut with a super premium "excellent" cut grade for incredible sparkle.

Diamonds now come from two places, mined from the earth, and grown in a laboratory. Our Alpha lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in every way, except for their origin. 

Lab grown diamonds are visually and chemically identical to traditional mined diamonds. This diamond has been independently graded by the IGI lab, and comes with an official grading report certification. This lab grown diamond has not been enhanced, treated, drilled, or modified in any way.

For a better look at this diamond, view our video clip thumbnail for a high resolution video and gemologist audio description.

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  • Stone Type
    • Type IIA Alpha lab grown diamond
  • Grading Report
    • IGI
  • Color
    • H
  • Clarity
    • VS1
  • Size
    • 1.00ct