Round Brilliant Loose Diamond 1.00ct H/SI2 | Mullen Jewelers

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1.00ct round brilliant diamond with H/SI2 

This fiery round brilliant loose diamond weighs 1.00ct and has a color grade of H (near colorless) and a clarity grade of I1 (some visible inclusions). To keep our costs as low as possible, we have chosen not to send this diamond to a 3rd party laboratory. The diamond has been graded by two GIA and AGS trained gemologists on our team, and the final grade has been determined by our AGS trained owner, and Registered Jeweler, with over 40 years of experience.

As an AGS certified store, we grade to AGS standards and offer a 100% money back guarantee is this diamond is graded more than one grade off by a 3rd party lab in the future. This diamond comes with a written appraisal.

This diamond is a traditional mined diamond, and has not been enhanced, treated, drilled, or modified in any way.

For a better look at this diamond, view our video clip thumbnail for a high resolution video and gemologist audio description.

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  • Stone Type
    • Traditional mined diamond
  • Grading Report
    • Written AGS accredited appraisal
  • Color
    • H
  • Clarity
    • SI2
  • Size
    • 1.00ct