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Why Choose Mullen Bros. Jewelers: Style, Trust, and More

July 31, 2015

A century is a long time in today's modern world. With businesses coming and going as fast as you can count them, Mullen Bros. Jewelers carries over a hundred years' worth of expertise, commitment, and tradition within... READ MORE >>> →

Why Do 1 Carat Diamonds Range From $2500 to $10000?

April 22, 2015

It's All About Supply and Demand

Like so many things, diamond prices are heavily influenced by supply and demand.  But unlike new cars or television sets, diamonds must be mined from the earth... READ MORE >>> →

How are Certified Diamonds Different from Regular Diamonds?

March 13, 2015

Technically, there is no difference between a certified diamond and a "regular" or non-certified diamond.  However, that doesn't mean that a certification is unimportant.

Any diamond can receive a grading report and... READ MORE >>> →


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